Taxis and Ubers can work but with restrictions

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and platform transportation services like Uber may continue to function, but they should restrict access to the front seat and ensure “air renewal and surface cleaning”.

In an order signed by the Minister for the Environment and Climate Action, João Pedro Matos Fernandes, to safeguard the functioning of “essential services” during the state of emergency by the Covid-19 pandemic, it is indicated that taxis and TVDE (individual transport) and paid passengers in vehicles that are not featured on an electronic platform) can continue to operate.

However, in these transport services, "access to the front seat must be restricted, and the renewal of the interior air of the vehicles and the cleaning of the surfaces must be taken care of", points out the tutelage in the dispatch, which comes into force at 00:00 Monday.

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Action also informs that, "to ensure the correct functioning of taxi transport services, mayors may define exceptional conditions for circulation".

This includes movement restrictions “on even days for vehicles with an even registration number” and “on odd days for vehicles with 'odd' registration numbers”, the guardianship states.

As for the public transport companies Soflusa, Metropolitano de Lisboa, Metro do Porto, Sociedade de Transportes Colectivos do Porto (STCP) and the concessionaire of the light metre on the south bank of the Tagus, the Government emphasizes that these entities must guarantee “the limitation of the maximum number of passengers carried to one third of the vehicle's capacity, in order to guarantee the safety distance”.

They must also ensure “the adequate thresholds for the provision of public passenger transport service during winter hours on all lines and routes on which they operate”, which should not be less than 30 percent in the metro and 40 percent in road transport.

In these public transports, it will also be necessary to ensure the availability of information “that allows the safety distances between passengers to be fulfilled and the adoption of other behaviours that minimize the risk of contagion”, as well as “the rotation and segregation of the teams of workers” and “the reduction, whenever possible, of the possibilities of contact between the personnel that ensures the operation and the passengers”.

The "cleaning and disinfection of the facilities and equipment used by passengers and other users" should also be safeguarded, the dispatch said.


Am bolt driver cabs I work in body look after the driver we have save time at day but at night I almost killed by thighs..on desease u company u should less 20%commition so that we can but sanitizer plus thermodynamic

By Samuel from Other on 25-03-2020 11:37

Drivers for Uber & Lyft stop driving 100%. Lyft and Uber have done nothing for drivers in years but cut our per mile rate. I have been a driver since 2014 and I have not turned my drivers app on in weeks and will not. Our health is worth much more then the very low per mile rate and today if they gave us a $1.00 per mile rate increase I would not drive. The Trump virus has only just started and Uber & Lyft kiss customers ass and don't care who they put in our cars, why drive now it's the worst time to drive. Your health and safety matter. I'm sure the sick customers could care less about getting in your cars. Don't drive and never do airport pickups and when they bring back pools and shared rides don't ever take it, they are bottom feeders and the most unsafe ride for drivers. Just say no and don't get the Trump virus.

By Jeff Kunu. from USA on 25-03-2020 12:03

Uber wants to f*** drives for every thing that’s way drivers busted with every thing
Not help drivers I don’t know, where the ceo of Uber will take this money

By Mark from USA on 24-03-2020 08:35

Portugal news pls help me. Befor i was alone. But now i am not alone becose i found a platform to fight pakistani uber s nomenat officers. Portugal news pls help me against pakistani uber athorties God Bless u

By Amir sajjad from Other on 24-03-2020 06:07

I am a pakistani. I live in lahore. I am partner with uber. 2 weaks before ubers blocked my acount. Now i am in problem i am not earning money. My family faceing to much problems. Plse open my acount nd paid bones last 2 weaks

By Amir sajjad from Other on 24-03-2020 05:57

5% of riders active at this time, why should drivers risked their lives for nothing.

By Neville Heslop from Other on 24-03-2020 02:15
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