There is a sense of comfort returning to the same place as you become familiar with the location. It allows you to make friends in the area and form part of the community.

As you are able to store items used exclusively at your second home this will allow for easier packing and travel when you go on vacation.

Rental Income
You have the ability to rent the home when you are not using it for yourself. This will generate extra income.

Retirement Head Start
The purchase of a second home means you are happy with the area and the amenities it has on offer. This means you are able to experience the benefit of refuge before you actually retire.

Places stir memories of people, relationships, and good times and owning a second home means you and your extended family can also enjoy holidays with the hope this may lead to many happy gatherings.

This year holidays are set to look different to previous years. With border restrictions, flights on hold or being cancelled and limited access to holiday attractions it makes sense that your holiday this year will be a staycation in your own home. With ample time to explore the areas you would normally not visit.

You can work from home
Due to the shutdown many people have worked from home and have continued to do so after the re-opening of businesses. Owning a second home means you can now set up an office and continue to work while you are on holiday if you choose.

Whether you want to live near a golf course, beach or the marina, let us at Mackenzie Portugal help you find your second home.