Operating for over 18 years, the Cardiovascular Intervention Unit of Hospital Particular in Alvor has in its curriculum thousands of interventions and procedures and has now performed its 10,000 Cardiac Catheterization.

Cardiac Catheterization is a procedure where a small tube, called a catheter, is inserted through a large blood vessel in the arm or leg and directed to the heart. The catheter allows the Cardiologist to measure the pressure and oxygen levels within the cardiac chambers, thereby assessing heart function. These results will then assist the specialist in deciding precisely what type of intervention is to be carried out.

Cardiac Catheterization is a diagnostic test, but may also be therapeutic. It is a diagnostic tool when it is performed to diagnose a specific lesion and therapeutic when, during the examination, the lesion is corrected, for example by placing a tube or ring in the clogged artery – in the case of angioplasty – which is the most used procedure when a myocardial infarction is diagnosed.

The Private Hospital in Alvor in its Hybrid Operating Theater, boasts the most advanced technology in this area, where procedures in interventional cardiology as well as cardiothoracic surgery are carried out.

Its multidisciplinary team of competent and very experienced professionals, have tripled the number of cases in 2018, which also include emergency cases, when compared to the average of previous years.

As far as ??thoracic surgery is concerned, the number of surgeries performed has also been significant, especially in lung cancer surgery, through minimally invasive techniques, namely by single-port thoracoscopic video.