The decision of the UK government to exclude Portugal from the 75 countries and territories that are exempt from 14 day quarantine on returning to the UK is adversely affecting the Portuguese tourist industry here on the Algarve and also tourists from the UK looking to enjoy time in the region.

2.5 million people visit every year from the UK, the majority coming late July and August and the decision to exclude Portugal is based, in our opinion, on false information. The Portuguese government has handled the virus outbreak superbly and that is borne out in the figures below.

- Only 1,691 deaths in the country from coronavirus and 48,771 total infections.

- In the Algarve where most of the UK citizens love to visit only 15 deaths from 790 cases

As a publication that supports all business in Portugal and the tourism industry, as well as our UK readers, the UK citizens based on the Algarve, the UK citizens employed in the tourist industry and the UK citizens that love to visit the Algarve each year we want to help to rectify this situation.

As such we have launched this campaign to raise awareness of the unique Portuguese situation and put forward logical reasoning as to why the UK government should change their mind.

We are asking our readers and those that support the changing of the decision of the air bridge to sign a petition by clicking here and for those living in the UK to send a lobby letter to their local MP.

To send a lobby letter all you have to do is:

  1. Highlight the text in BOLD below
  2. Copy this text (Ctrl C)
  3. Click on this link to find your local MP
  4. Insert your home postcode
  5. Select your MP displayed (this may be more than once)
  6. Click on the email address for your MP
  7. Your email will now open
  8. Paste your text (Ctrl V)
  9. At the bottom of the email be sure to include your full name and address
  10. Send Email

As well as you our readers supporting the campaign through signing the petition and sending lobby letters to your MP, we at The Portugal News will also be working to highlight the campaign through letters to Boris Johnson and other key members of the British government, contact with the Portuguese authorities and sharing the campaign across our social media platforms with more than 75,000 followers. We will also be publishing regular updates in our printed newspaper which reaches 60,000 people a week and 600,000 unique visitors to our website each month.

The Portugal News is committed to working with the local community and businesses to ensure that Portugal continues to be recognised as the safe destination that it always has been and continues to be.

If you would like to send a lobby letter to your MP then please feel to copy the text below or alternatively draft your own letter explaining the reasons why the UK government needs to reverse their decision on the air bridge.


I am writing to express my concern that Portugal is not included in the 75 countries and territories that the UK government does not require 14 days quarantine upon returning to the UK. The Portuguese government has acted superbly in response to the coronavirus as is shown by the results below.

- 1,691 deaths in Portugal from coronavirus from 48,771 infections in a population of 10.9 million

- In the Algarve 15 deaths and 790 infections. Approximately 2.2m UK citizens visit the Algarve each year.

As you are my MP I wish that you contact the government to change the status of Portugal so 14 day quarantine is not required when returning from the country.

This is having a detrimental impact on British citizens that love visiting Portugal, British citizens working in the Portuguese tourist industry and Portuguese citizens relying on the tourist industry.

I look forward to hearing a positive response from you.