‘The Return’ will no doubt mark the return of Nicholas Sparks back to the top of many a best-seller list. His usual fare is on display here with a novel full of soul-searching, intrigue, secrets and ultimately Love. The army of fans he has gathered with his previous work will love it.
It’s this core which has had many of Sparks’ novels (some of which have been made into movies) that is on stellar display here.
Once again the novel is set within a small town and has many captivating characters. The book is centered on Trevor Benson, an ex-military doctor who has recently lost his grandfather to a stroke. He has also suffered devastating injuries in Afghanistan. He inherits his grandfather’s cabin in New Bern, North Carolina.
Although he is due to start a psychiatry residency at Johns Hopkins, he returns to New Bern to get his grandfather’s affairs in order and to recover further from his injuries. Intriguingly, his grandfather suffered a stroke 10 hours away from New Bern. Trevor undertakes to unravel the mystery as to why his grandfather made such a long trip.
Part of this journey allows Trevor to meet Callie. She worked near his grandfather and he seemed fond of her but she is elusive. He also meets Natalie, the local deputy sheriff and is instantly attracted to her but she is aloof.
The book has a few twists and turns and a bit of mystery, but overall it is a charming, emotional and romantic story which is what fans of Nicholas Sparks yearn for. If you are looking for a romantic novel to immerse yourself in, then in this reviewer’s opinion, The Return is recommended reading. SP