Train maintenance workshop reopened for business

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The workshop of EMEF - Empresa de Manutenção de Equipamento Ferroviário (Railway Equipment Maintenance Company) has reopened its doors, as part of the government's plan to increase the incumbent terrain operator (CP's) rolling stock by recovering currently abandoned trains.

The reactivation of the Guifões workshop was announced last summer as part of the government's plan to refurbish trains that had been abandoned, until an order of 22 new trains arrives in 2023.

In a visit to the Guifões workshop in July 2019, the then newly appointed chairman of CP said he hoped to have those facilities up and running "almost 100% by the end of the year" and, by the summer of 2020, to have some of the recovered trains running on the Douro line.

Anticipating at the time that, within 18 months, between 15 and 22 trains will be recovered in Guifões, Nuno Freitas said they would serve to "reinforce the Sintra line", the lines that are being electrified, "namely Viana do Castelo" and the Douro line, which "will allow rolling stock to be released for the West lines, for Beja and eventually for the Algarve".

Also present at that visit, the infrastructure minister stressed, in turn, the current government's "great wager" on the railway, underlining the need to "recover workshop capacity for EMEF, not only in terms of personnel, but also in workshop capacity".

"We have this empty pavilion and what we are going to do is re-equip it and then bring here the dozens of trains that we have parked up throughout the country, to recover and reintroduce them into the railway network. That's what we need, more trains and a country betting on the railways," he said at the time.

The minister said the order for 22 new trains "will not arrive until 2023", so it was necessary "to act quickly" to meet the needs of the national railway.

"This was the most intelligent way we found, since the mistake had been made, very unintelligent, to pull over rolling stock for several years, in a country that is not exactly very rich", he said.

Pedro Nuno Santos highlighted the fact that "dozens of units pulled over, including locomotives, motorcars and carriages", will allow CP to "extend its offer" "throughout the 18 months" scheduled for recovery and as the old compositions are recovered.


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