The accident happened over a year ago on 6 January 2013.

The judge said it had been proven that the 25-year-old suspect had caused the accident by driving “distracted and without looking where she was going".

The judge said that the fact the windscreen had steamed-up meant the driver should have “slowed down or stopped".

The court decided that the insurer should pay the widower and the children about €380,000 in compensation.

During the trial, the accused admitted she had been distracted trying to clear the steamed-up window and did not see the family on their bikes.

The crash slammed the woman against the car windscreen and she was carried about 50m on the van bonnet, while the children, a girl of five and a 10-year-old boy, were immediately thrown into a ditch.

The woman died of her injuries at the scene, while the youngsters were taken to a local hospital for treatment.