Being where the consumer is, whether at home, at the beach or at the office. This is the main objective of Vitacress – a 100 percent Portuguese company based in Odemira – who want to bring practical and healthy food proposals to the Portuguese. After recent partnerships with catering companies , in addition to its presence in most supermarkets, the brand has just signed a pilot project with Uber Eats for three areas of Lisbon.

In the first phase, the partnership between Vitacress and Uber Eats will be covered in the Expo area, Campo Pequeno (covering Saldanha and Avenidas Novas) and within a radius of two kilometres around the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, in Carcavelos. The products that will be available on the platform are five ready-to-eat meal salads (Supreme, Sea, American, Vegan and Vegetable Garden) and snacks such as cherry tomatoes and baby carrots.

In the future the aim is to extend the partnership across the entire Lisbon metropolitan area and to other parts of the country. “One of Vitacress´s priorities is our proximity to our consumers. We want our foods to be more and more part of various moments of your life, so we have also been adapting the distribution of our products to new market platforms, such as Uber Eats,” said Nuno Crispim, director of Vitacress marketing.