Volt Portugal "challenges" Costa to approve 60% cut in CO2 emissions by 2030

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Volt Portugal (VP) has launched a public petition to "challenge" the Portuguese Prime Minister to vote in favour of the 60 percent cut in EU CO2 emissions proposed by the European Parliament.

In a public petition entitled "Pressure António Costa to approve the 60 percent GHG reduction in 2030 at the European Council", the Volt Portugal party is challenging the Prime Minister, also addressing the Minister for the Environment and Climate Action, João Pedro Matos Fernandes.

The party asks the Prime Minister to "not only vote in favour of this proposed 60 percent reduction at the European Council on 15 and 16 October, but also to defend it with his colleagues in the Council (other heads of national governments) to approve this necessary target.

The European Parliament (EP) voted on 8 October for a further 60 percent cut in CO2 emissions by 2030, which needs to be ratified by the European Council.

This proposal has increased the European Commission's figures, which were to cut emissions by 55 percent from 1990 levels, and it is now up to the European Council to approve the new target, a process that could take time because of the dependence of certain European countries on fossil industries.

Although it is not "the ideal target", Volt Portugal considers that "there is an urgent need in this matter" and asks António Costa to "exert pressure on the European Council so that its counterparts also approve this fundamental target".

MEPs want the EU to become the first continent to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 and then reach a "negative emissions level".

In a virtual debate on 9 September, Portuguese MEPs Nuno Melo, Marisa Matias and Lídia Pereira said that Europe's increased ambition to reduce emissions was a positive sign but needed to be based on pragmatism and science and defend the economy and jobs.


The CO2 Myth a hoax fake that only hurts working citizens of a country for that Idas makes political people rich connected in government and hurts working people to live it form of government tax to take money from people..

CO2 does not hurt us other gases yes but what is the level of CO2 in the air right now is so low but make it OUT as bad wrong a lie. What has it been in the pass for it was highest level recorded thousands of years ago..We cut CO2 and plants will come smaller and less food for us, The earth had much higher CO 2 and animals where much larger so was Plants for there is a Balance here but Fake ideas distort reality using fear and sense we can control. The CO2 and very bad gasses created from ONE volcano is so much but can government stop Volcanos NOT yet right. When Government can stop volcanos and earthquakes then they have real power but you have to ask a question at what COST to living life. Can government stop death for want you to believe that but it lie a hoax a distortion of life.

Here is example of a lie looking like truth masked in fear for political power and MONEY is this CO2 hoax.Electrical energy has really saved us all but know a small group of emotional NUTS using environment FEAR base in lies and hoax from low life Universities computer models that where wrong created a hoaxes in the first place but made Universities RICH famous all base on LIES and fear. Government groups love the idea of control and making citizens poor and them self important and rich is the end affect.

The idea of green house gases where did that idea come from look it up. It goes back to the 1950s and understanding of science back then was very limited in equipment yet the there is NO change in idea why . The Scientist that came up with ideas of green house gases holding HEAT but it was idea and how it may affect climate. He even changed his mind and said CO2 is NOT a green house gas that hurts us but political forces like the old idea for makes them money.

I am American and know what I am saying and can back it up with facts and evidences founded in history of the idea. I seen the wasting of money the limitation on people where government employees favor a group over other groups that hurts citizens abilities to live free and honestly. CO2 ideas limitations will increase poverty in Portugal for high tax on working people that all but makes people connected to government rich.

Sines government likes the idea of CO 2 fear being a green house gas holding heat base in 1950 ideas where is the experiments proving what level of heat it holds and then what is the exchange in cooling compared to say Oxygen and WHAT Harm does it do buy how much base on percentage of increase and decrease. To much Oxygen will kill us all and hurt the environment but money rules base on fear and lies. Let see what harmful affects but there is NONE. If there was any truth let see the experiment on YouTube and after 90 years of this green house gas idea where has it harmed anyone or the future.

DC Democrat setup a program for CO2 exchange back in the 1990s it makes money for a select group of will connected government people but COST working people a lot of money. It acts like Tax to use Electric energy. IT is fake like the 1970s man made earth COOLING. Man with all the gases where cooling the earth and we are going into Ice age that was the fear from University of Liars.. But cooling stop then heating came the NEW idea man made warming for there is movie about it all LIES but it was base on fear and made MONEY being a hoax. Hoaxes make so much money for few and cost so much money to lot of people.

Just saying I dislike Portugal citizens being fooled like in the USA over CO2 fear which is causing power shortages in areas and it all needless but government controls your electrical energy NOT the market place.

Wasting money on foolish computer models or over reacting to them base on fake ideas all for fame and money rooted in improve fear. Fear is what they use to get you to give up your freedom to live life. Having the lease expensive electrical system will make citizens better off but Government is political for power and money. This CO2 makes select groups very rich and citizens just get taxed to make others rich.

This is what happen in USA with this CO2 hoax of needless fear but has made money for groups connected to the DC and made working people pay lot more money for electricity needlessly. Look out you to may get shortages base on the fake idea of lower CO2 a NON green house gas.

Ask this question if there was NO limits on production of electricity what would the cost be to working people and benefits in standard of living for Portugal citizens not just elites connected to small group. In American we call them the swamp people for are elite dictating rules to make them rich and rest of US poor.

Please Portugal government think of your citizens do really want them to be poor needlessly base on Hoax about CO2 what fake for it is LIE made up to look like truth framed in FEAR to justify making working people poor.

By Scott M. Bartley from USA on 19-10-2020 05:28
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