Whilst the paper currently reaches a small amount of people in Lisbon, the Cascais area and in Porto there are plans to grow in these areas too. We have increased the distribution of the paper and are trialling new delivery methods in certain areas.
Online each month we have approximately 2 million page impressions, 600,000 unique visitors and an average visit time of nearly 6 minutes. Around 30 percent of the traffic comes from the UK, 25percent from Portugal, 20percent from North America, 5percent Ireland and 4percent South Africa, with the remaining from other countries. These are people that have a clear interest in Portugal. We have plans to grow the online traffic in a variety of innovative ways, a couple of examples being the site in foreign languages and providing added value content.
Social media is probably a better indication of customer interaction and The Portugal News has around 70,000 Facebook followers. This is a clear area for growth and will take in other platforms such as Instagram and Twitter as we reach new younger viewers.
The Portugal News is taking a unique approach to helping your businesses grow here in the Algarve by producing integrated strategic marketing plans and campaigns with key messages targeted at the audience you wish to attract.
We make the effort to understand your business, what your unique selling points are, what you wish to achieve for your business and then together we set business and financial objectives,
producing communication plans to achieve the objectives. These communications plans may include media outside of The Portugal News media set or indeed outside of the country as our intention and focus is the growth of your business. As such we truly are an extension of your marketing department.
The Early Adopters, the businesses that can quickly see the value in this approach, the businesses that realise it is the right time to spend on innovative marketing, are seeing good results. We cater for all businesses large and small, so if you would like to grow your business please contact one of our Sales and Marketing Managers.

Growing the market
We here at The Portugal News though are very ambitious. We have plans not just to grow your businesses but we have plans to “grow” the market. This will involve bringing in new people, new businesses, new services and new products and this will help every single business directly or indirectly. Whilst Tourism and Real Estate are the current drivers of industry, here in the Algarve there can be so much more.
These are exciting times and plans so we hope you will support us as after all we are all one here in the Algarve, in particular, and Portugal in general.