Covid accounts for less than half of last month's excess deaths

By TPN/Lusa, in News · 15-11-2020 14:00:00 · 4 Comments

Covid-19 justifies less than half of last month's excess deaths compared to the average of the last five years, the National Statistics Institute (INE) revealed on 13 November in its latest analysis of mortality in Portugal.

The preliminary data revealed, indicate that "46.5 percent of the increase in deaths between 5 October and 1 November compared to the average of the last five years was due to deaths by Covid-19": of the 1,132 above-average deaths in that period, 526 were attributed to Covid-19.

The disease caused by the new coronavirus caused less than a third (29.3 percent) of the 8,686 deaths that are above the average of the last five years, between 2 March and 1 November.

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Yes, just your daily reminder that 4000-6000 die every flu season in Portugal. No flu deaths this year, and COVID killed 2,500 in one season. Shocking! And yet... we have excess deaths. Could it be that locking people at home is depriving them of vitamin D, thereby suppressing their immune systems? Could it be these people have poorer diets because they can hardly afford to go to the supermarket? Could it be people are afraid to go to the hospital? Nope, the deadly virus with a completely normal IFR is to blame!

By Cris from Porto on 16-11-2020 04:30

What did the other six thousand above average die of?

By Stephen Walker from Other on 16-11-2020 03:07

The Truth will always at the end reveal the underbelly of the deceit that is carried out by those who seek to divide and rule.
To those who still truly believe their government is looking out for their best interest, reclaim your power (and sanity) back quickly before they push you further down the garbage chute.
If the endless list of farcical & comical regulations by our authorities do not convince you to think otherwise. I don't know what will.
On a given Saturday , perhaps you're still up to walking into a restaurant with a mask on, to then sit down and take it off for 1 hour whilst you finish your meal and still fear you might get the covid virus that gives you a 99.9% chance of survival ?
...whoops sorry, you can't even have lunch in a restaurant on Saturday anymore ;-)
There goes my favourite restaurant guillotined into oblivion having been put on their knees all these months.
Reminds me to tell you my fellow citizens, the freedoms you have enjoyed in a democracy have now been completely eroded ! Having fun yet ?
Oh yes one last thing, they might be letting out the prisoners soon due to increasing covid cases in the penitentiary.
Maybe you should be scared now ?

By Ricardo Santos from Lisbon on 15-11-2020 05:40

I think that all the excess death are relatd to Corona. What else ? And that the Corona statistics is wrong. Deaths are not classified correct.

By Gustav from Algarve on 15-11-2020 05:00
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