Since the beginning of the pandemic, Portugal has recorded a total of 3,553 deaths and 230,124 cases of infection with the new coronavirus, with 77,126 cases now active, 2,919 fewer than on Monday.

According to the bulletin, 66% of new cases are located in the North region, which accounted for 2,941 more infections in the last 24 hours, followed by Lisbon and Vale do Tejo, with 812 new cases.

DGS indicates that of the 81 deaths recorded in the last 24 hours, 43 occurred in the North region, 21 in the Lisbon and Vale do Tejo region, 11 in the Centro region, four in the Alentejo and two in the Algarve.

Regarding hospital admissions, the epidemiological bulletin reveals that 3,028 people are hospitalized (12 less than on Monday) and of these 431, five more, are in intensive care.

Patients in intensive care units reached the highest level in the past 24 hours since the pandemic began in March.

In the bulletin, the Directorate-General for Health states that on November 16, there was an update of the data analysis technology system from SINAVE (National Epidemiological Surveillance System), with the cumulative number of confirmed and recovered cases being updated on that date.

The North region is the one that registers the majority of the new cases, having been reported 2,941 in the last 24 hours, totalling 116,966 cases of infection and 1,650 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.

In the region of Lisbon and the Tagus Valley, a further 812 new cases of infection were reported, now accounting for 81,621 occurrences and 1,323 deaths.

In the Centre region, there were 353 more cases of infection, with 21,406 and 444 dead.

In Alentejo, 243 new cases of covid-19 were registered, totalling 4,547 and 83 dead.

The Algarve region has today reported 65 more cases of infection, totalling 4,238 cases and 36 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.

In the Autonomous Region of the Azores, 11 new cases were registered in the last 24 hours, adding up to 625 infections detected and 15 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.

Madeira recorded 27 cases in the last 24 hours, accounting for 721 infections and two deaths.

Confirmed cases are distributed across all age groups, with the highest number of infections between 20 and 59 years of age.

The largest number of deaths continues to be concentrated in people over 80 years of age.