Covid-19: Portugal Update, 18 November

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Portugal has registered 5,891 new cases of infection with the new coronavirus and 79 deaths associated with Covid-19 disease in the last 24 hours, according to the bulletin of the Directorate-General for Health (DGS).

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Portugal has registered 3,632 deaths and 236,015 cases of infection with the new coronavirus, and today 78,641 cases are active, 1,555 more than on Tuesday.

According to the bulletin, 54 percent of new cases are in the Northern region, which has recorded 3,191 more infections in the last 24 hours, followed by Lisbon and Tagus Valley, with 1,637 new cases.

The DGS reports that of the 79 deaths recorded in the last 24 hours, 47 occurred in the North region, 16 in the Lisbon and Tagus Valley region, 10 in the Centre region, five in Alentejo and one in the Algarve.

As regards hospital admissions, the epidemiological bulletin shows that 3,051 people are in hospital (23 more than on Tuesday) and of these there are 432, plus one patient, in intensive care.

4,257 more patients have been recovered, out of a total of 153,702 since the pandemic began.

The northern region is the one that registers the majority of new cases, with 3,191 reported in the last 24 hours, totalling 120,157 cases of infection and 1,697 dead since the beginning of the pandemic.

In the region of Lisbon and Vale do Tejo another 1,637 new cases of infection have been reported, now accounting for 83,258 occurrences and 1,339 deaths.

In the Centro region there have been a further 791 cases of infection, with 22,197 and 454 deaths.

In the Alentejo there have been 133 new cases, totalling 4,680 and 88 deaths.

The Algarve region has today reported a further 119 cases of infection, totalling 4,357 cases and 37 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.

In the Autonomous Region of the Azores there have been 19 new cases in the last 24 hours, totalling 644 detected infections and 15 dead since the beginning of the pandemic.

Madeira registered one case in the last 24 hours, accounting for 722 infections and two deaths.

The confirmed cases are spread over all age groups, with the highest number of infections recorded being between 20 and 59 years old.

The new coronavirus has already infected at least 103,990 men and 127,452 women in Portugal, according to the declared cases.

Today's bulletin states that there are 4,573 confirmed cases of unknown sexes under investigation, as these data are not provided automatically.

Of the total number of fatalities, 1,856 were men and 1,776 women.

The highest number of deaths continues to be concentrated among people over 80 years of age.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused at least 1,339,130 deaths as a result of more than 55.6 million cases of infection worldwide, according to a review by the French agency AFP.

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Another reader who seems to have lost his way in this GLOBAL chaos. Sir, Mr. Paul Santiago, it IS CHAOS. It is a shambles!!! This is a Pandamic, an Emergency. There are not enough medical staff to deal with this! Perhaps it is time that people use their own common sense and stop expecting others to follow you to make sure you do the right thing!!! We have just returned from a trip to Portugal and were required to stay in quarantine at home for 10 days. No, nobody will come to check, there is not enough staff on hand for this!!! IT IS YOUR CIVIL AND GOD GIVEN DUTY to follow orders in these urgent matters. We are afterall intelligent God fearing beings, are we not?

By Marieke Bon from Other on 19-11-2020 03:08

People like Mr. "Fumettibrutti" make me sick. Make everybody sick. Tell me, who are you? A government spokesman? An official? No man, you are just like everyone else and your civil DUTY is to do as you are told during a National or International Emergency, whether you deem it "real" or not! Shut up and do your duty! We dont CARE about your second hand info and speculations, it all means nothing but extra chaos and quite frankly, anarchy. Just shut up!

By Marieke Bon from Other on 19-11-2020 02:58

Please don't use online comments to decide your healthcare choices. Try to find reliable sources instead. There are so many paranoid, misinformed opinions about these very serious topics. Don't turn Portugal into the same situation we see in some other countries. Reasonable choices not made by random opinions online even if they sound realistic.

By Joe Walker from Lisbon on 19-11-2020 09:29

Don’t believe the COVID case numbers; it’s a scam

I’ve been saying this for 9 months. Don’t believe the COVID case numbers. It’s a wall-to-wall scam.

The situation we’re facing is urgent right now. Red flags. Alarm bells.

Politicians all over the world are using “rising case numbers” to drive people back into lockdowns.

The news media are trumpeting these reports of case numbers.


Eyeball diagnosis can mean a doctor observes the patient has a cough, or chills and fever. That’s all. That’s all a doctor needs to make a diagnosis of COVID. That’s a case number. Ridiculous? Of course it’s ridiculous. It’s a con.

The PCR test, as I’ve explained dozens of times, spits out false-positives like waterfalls. It’s set up to do exactly that.

Increase testing and you automatically get rising case numbers. That’s the real reason for pushing expanded testing.

And there you have the scam in a nutshell.

The fascist public health agencies and the politicians WANT lockdowns. They know the only way to justify the lockdowns is to claim rising case numbers.

Even Anthony Fauci made a point of saying the PCR COVID test is useless and misleading when the test is run at “35 cycles or higher.” A positive result, indicating infection, cannot be accepted or believed.

Each “cycle” of the test is a quantum leap in amplification and magnification of the test specimen taken from the patient.

Too many cycles, and the test will turn up all sorts of irrelevant material that will be wrongly interpreted as relevant.

That’s called a false positive.

The COVID delusion is finished, blown apart.

by Jon Rappoport (No more fake news)

November 17, 2020

By Fumettibrutti from Other on 19-11-2020 08:24

Hi, I am living in Porto. I got symptoms of Covid. Called the SNS number, they sent me to a clinic in Faria Guimaraes, Porto, when I got there it was closed, even though they said it would be open, I went back the next day, it was open, eventually waited 4 hours, in a waiting room, no social distancing, half the people without masks, then I was told in 3 days you will have the answers. I waited 3 days Nothing , I called them on the 4th day and they said I was positive and I shoudl isolate. they nevr asked who I lived with (alone or with Other people), I live with 4 Others , they saaid stay in your room for 10 days . That was literally it. I work in a restaurant with esplanade , they never asked where I worked, I coudl easily have just gone to work next day and said Nothing (I did not ), but there is zero contact tracing here. I know at least 5 People who got corona in porto who never isolated or stopped working because they couldnt afford to. The system here is a shambles, and they have NO IDEA who has been in contact with who, they do not even try to find out and they do not even ask people to do a second test after the isolation period.
No wonder the cases are growing and people are dying at an alarming rate.

By Paul Santiago from Porto on 18-11-2020 07:02
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