In the "Manifesto for the Survival of Culture in Portugal", the APEFE warns of the impact of the "worsening of measures in recent weeks [announced by the Government to try to contain the pandemic of covid-19] and its continuity, or even a possible new social confinement".

For this association, "the time has come for policy makers to say what they want for Portugal, with regard to culture and artistic manifestations as capital and determining factors for the life of each individual and as factors of cohesion and progress of society and citizens".

In the manifesto, APEFE lists a number of questions, which it considers to be "accurate, clear and unequivocally answered". "Do we close auditoriums, concert halls, theatres? Is it worth maintaining the galleries open and promoting exhibitions? What is a cultural centre or a theatre for anyway? What about film festivals and movie theatres? What about bookstores? Are we done with the festivals and the concerts? And what about the entire value chain associated with artistic and cultural activities? What about the intersections with the other sectors of the economy?" he asks.

Earlier this month, the GDA Foundation – Artists' Rights Management called on the Government to apply at least two percent of these funds to the cultural and creative sector.

In the manifesto, APEFE also asks the Government "to postpone, for another year, the moratoriums and business credits, until September 2022, access to credit lines with a capital shortfall for one and a half years and maximum 1 percent spread and bank fees included"; he also asks "not to push away the public, knowing that all live shows are performed according to health rules".