At the end of a hearing with the Confederation of Tourism Portuguese (CTP), Rui Rio did not want to make an assessment about the restructuring plan of the government of the airline, saying that only today will be presented to the PSD, in a meeting at 3:30pm.

However, the president of the PSD demanded that the Government give guarantees to the Portuguese that if it injects "another 3 billion euros, 300 euros for each Portuguese", the company will not have the same problems of the past, referring, for example, to strikes for wage increases or "inequality" in access to the 'lay off' of TAP workers in relation to the rest of the Portuguese. Asked if the PSD advocates the liquidation of the company if the plan does not give this security, Rio responded affirmatively. "Yes, if the restructuring plan does not manage to have able answers that guarantee us that in the future it will not be the same as what we had in the past, that is clear. Having in the future what we had in the past, I think is dramatic for Portuguese public finances," he replied.

Asked to realize what guarantees the Government is asking, the PSD president considered that it is the executive who has to give answers that there is "a restructuring plan reasonably well done and minimally credible". "It is the Government that has to convince us - the PSD, and the country - that if you put 3 billion euros and each Portuguese person gives another 300 euros, in the future it is over and TAP becomes a profitable company," he said, noting that even when tourism "was on the rise, TAP continued to hurt," he said.