John Lennon was tragically killed on the 8 December 1980 which is now 40 years ago and like many fans, Carfrae was saddened by the news and realised how much John Lennon’s music had affected him.

Following this, Carfrae wanted to write a song about John and his message of love and peace. The song takes inspiration from the legend John Lennon’s song ‘Imagine’ and has been sat in a drawer for 40 years as at the time Carfrae was very busy performing, but now the well written song has been resurrected for all to enjoy.

The song has a special message with the lines of ‘“John….it wasn’t all in vain, you left the words and they’ll be heard again.” And “Prematurely you found your final peace of mind, Peace is still our quest in life, and love for all mankind.” The lyrics are beautiful and powerful and come at an important time as the year comes to end and we can all reflect on what matters most. The pandemic has been difficult for everyone and this song reminds us that love and being compassionate is the most important thing to be able to get through challenging times.

This exclusive tribute is available on Ian Carfrae’s official website and you can listen to the sample and buy the song on

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