The proposal has been delivered to the parliament and intends to extend the validity of the current law, which imposes the mandatory use of masks in public spaces, with fines between €100 and €500 for breaking the law.

The previous law has been in force since 28 October and was valid for 70 days, ending on 5 January.

In other words, for this law to remain in force it will have to be approved in the last plenary session of the year on 22 December.

The diploma - which the PSD now requests to remain in force for another three months in the same terms - determines that the use of a mask (which cannot be replaced by a visor) is mandatory for those over ten years of age for access, circulation or permanence in public spaces and roads "whenever the physical distance recommended by health authorities proves impractical".

This obligation may be waived “in relation to people who are part of the same household, when they are not in the proximity of third parties” or by submitting a medical certificate of multipurpose disability or medical declaration attesting that the clinical condition or cognitive impairment does allow the use of masks.

It is also not mandatory to wear a mask when "it is incompatible with the nature of the activities that people are carrying out".