This Continente Modelo, located at Avenida Fernando Salgueiro Maia, Lugar das Hortas, now joins the Continente Bom Dia of Vila Real de Santo António, inaugurated in 2018, to serve the region’s consumers.

The new store, which has led to the creation of 77 new jobs reinforces the brand’s commitment in the district of Faro, which now has 17 Continente stores.

Continente Modelo de Vila Real de Santo António presents itself as a show place in the environmental arena, where customers can charge their electric vehicles while shopping. There are two charging points, where Continente Card holders, who make purchases over €30, can also benefit from free charging.

The new space also has a Fruit area, where their customers can use alternatives to single-use plastic bags, such as paper bags (which support up to 2.5 kg) available free of charge, reusable and washable cotton (€3/unit) or polyester (€1.50/unit) bags, or bring their own bags from home. Also noteworthy is the fact that in this specific space there is no food packed in plastic.

The local population and the institutions of the region will be able to count on initiatives of social intervention as part of the Continente Mission. Continente Modelo from Vila Real de Santo António will support, with its daily food surpluses, the Vila Real de Santo António Delegation of the Portuguese Red Cross and the Guadi Animal Centre.

The new store will also offer support toSanta Casa da Misericórdia de Vila Real de Santo António and Refood Vila Real de Santo António, with a focus on the fight against food waste, the fight against hunger, the promotion of healthy food and environmental sustainability.