Age should be a factor in vaccine programme

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The Portuguese Medical Association (OM) has defended the change of criteria for vaccination against covid-19, favouring the age factor, to facilitate the identification of the target groups and to reduce mortality, morbidity and pressure on services.

Corroborating that physicians and other health professionals “should be considered as priorities”, the OM defended “a change in the operationalisation criteria of population groups with already known risk factors, privileging, for example, the factor of age, which would facilitate the identification of target groups and would reduce mortality, morbidity and pressure on services ”.

To justify this conviction, the order led by Miguel Guimarães emphasises that "the lethality rate varies from about 0.3% in the 50 to 59 age group to 13.6% in the 80 age group".

“In this sense, professionals and residents in nursing homes, long-term care units and those elderly people who are directly followed by families, would benefit from the vaccine in the first stage. Likewise, as far as health professionals are concerned, we defend that the factor of age and associated diseases should be considered in the initial selection, regardless of the health unit, region of the country or sector in which they develop their activity ”, they argue.

In a letter addressed to the ministry of Marta Temido, the OM also expressed “concern about the lack of operational criteria for health professionals who do not work in the SNS [National Health Service]”.

The Covid-19 Regional Vaccination Plan establishes three phases, starting with the older population and health professionals, public and private, followed by people with comorbidities and then the rest of the population.

Estimates indicate that 50 thousand people will be vaccinated in the first phase; another 50 thousand in the second phase, and, finally, 100 thousand people.

The vaccination campaign started on Sunday in Portugal, like other countries in the European Union.

The vaccine is optional, free and universal, and is provided by the SNS.

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Hi we are in portugal for our annual wintering and would like to have the covid-19 vaccine.
we will stay here until April 15, 2021 and it concerns 2 people in the age of man 74 and woman 71.
It would be great if we could have that done here for a fee.
we stay at the Albufeira campsite and feel safer if we can get the vaccine.
best regards frans burthsday 11/16/1946 and gerda janssen burthsday 1/13/1949

By Frans Janssen from Algarve on 22-01-2021 03:57
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