Contacted by Lusa agency, source of the GNR Territorial Command of Viana do Castelo, explained that the arrest, resulted from an investigation that had been taking place since December.

The source revealed that the process began in mid-2019, when the man was referred for domestic violence against a woman, a process that "did not advance due to lack of witnesses.

In December, the military man involved in the initial case confirmed that "the threats against the woman continued, having communicated the situation to the Public Prosecutor's Office (MP) who ordered the searches carried out on 5 January.

The military of the Republican National Guard involved in the operation carried out a house search and a vehicle search, having seized four 12-calibre hunting rifles, a rifle, a compressed air gun, a handmade firearm, a gun, a handmade bat and a baseball bat.

A further 1,246 rounds of ammunition of various calibres were seized.

The man was indicted and the facts referred to the Tribunal Judicial de Arcos de Valdevez.