“Why is it at one and not three” the curfew?

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The communist leader, Jerónimo de Sousa, on 7 January questioned the reason for the restrictions imposed by the Government to combat the spread of the covid-19 pandemic, namely the curfew at 13:00 at the weekend.

“I am not able, even personally, to understand what this contributes to. Why is it at 1 pm and not 3 pm. It is a criterion that has yet to be evaluated for its effects”, said the PCP's secretary general.

“Concrete measures are possible instead of restrictions, which may be justified in some situations, but in others ... what I feel, in this life I live in, is that people do not understand how they condition them, workers and small and medium entrepreneurs, for example”, he said.

The Government must decide on 7 January, in a meeting of the Council of Ministers, the concrete measures to adopt, and perhaps, according to the head of State, “consider whether it is necessary to maintain the original idea of ??being a state of emergency in between or whether it is necessary to aggravate the state of emergency".

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@peter Kirby looks like you don't know much about Portugal. Lunchtime is stretching here same as Spain, 14 15 noon. So 13 has no impact at all

By Peter Renn from Lisbon on 14-01-2021 04:25

Could it be because people gather over lunch at 13:00 but not at 15:00?

By Peter Kirby-Higgs from Lisbon on 08-01-2021 07:23

...and why masked when you walk into a restaurant and not when you sit down to eat.
Wake Up !
We are being played ! Its all a Hoax
Its as simple as that !

By Ricardo Santos from Lisbon on 07-01-2021 04:33
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