A situation that is due to the poor conditions of the educational establishment, with a lack of thermal insulation, among others, and that has been going on “for years”. Now, in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic, the problem has only worsened because “the windows and doors must be open”, to air the rooms, several students reported to the Lusa agency.

After about an hour of protest, the students went to the Serpa Chamber, where a delegation from the student association was received by the executive. Outside, when they arrived at the City Hall, the vice-president of the municipality, Carlos Alves, addressed the students and conveyed the solidarity of the municipality, suggesting that the initiative should have taken place “with the Ministry of Education, in Lisbon , because this work is the responsibility of the Government ”.

The mayor assured, however, that the municipality “will proceed with the project of the work” sent by the Government and that, now, it will have to be adapted to this school and applied for community funds. "We have been talking to the ministry for years about this school, it should have been done already," said Carlos Alves.

Francisco Oliveira, director of the School Group No. 2 of Serpa, where this establishment is located, recalled that for years there has been a lack of works and also an agreement between the Ministry of Education and the city council. “Whenever the weather conditions are complicated, it is the kids who pay for this inside the classrooms. An agreement was never reached and we are the ones now suffering because of this”said the director.