In a statement, the ManifestaMente Association explained that the online sessions will take place over two days and the participants will “dwell on advanced mental health concepts and analyse in a theoretical and practical way several strategies to intervene in the community”.

“The launch of the Basic Mental Health Kit in October 2020 was a success that exceeded all of our expectations. More than 7,600 people have signed up and more than 1,400 have completed this free online course. The programme with the municipalities was already planned and it is basically a more detailed study of the principles of this Basic Kit”, said the president of ManifestaMente, Ana Mina, mentioned in a statement.

According to the director, the programme should "facilitate the work of local authorities in various areas of the country so that they can improve the mental health of their community, even if they do not have health training".

For Ana Mina, municipalities have the advantage of knowing their local communities better than anyone.

“These employees will be closely monitored by ManifestaMente for three to six months, which is available to support them in the practical implementation of the initiatives chosen for their community and to help solve problems and obstacles they may find, as well as in the dissemination of the initiatives that are developed”, can be read in the statement.

“In such a moment for public health, but also for mental health, we want to hear from people. We want to listen to them to act better, both as a public institution that works in the field, and in the articulation of the work with the various partners in the area”, said.

The online program includes a manual that explains the various mental health issues that Dinamizadores Locais may encounter on the ground. The support materials, according to the association, were developed by a multidisciplinary team of psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses and other health and communication specialists.