L’École Trilingue will provide immersion learning in three languages: English, French and Portuguese.

Based in the Restelo district in Lisbon, l’École Trilingue is a small school where children can be given the individual attention they need.

L’École Trilingue builds on the success of its sister school in London, L’école bilingue, which has been teaching children aged 3 to 11 years since 2004 and shares its sister school’s values, and aims to provide outstanding trilingual teaching “accredited by the French Ministry for Education, and certified by that of Portugal” to children of all backgrounds and nationalities.

Véronique Ferreira, co-founder of l’École Trilingue and headteacher of L’école bilingue in London, explains: “I founded L’école bilingue in London in 2004 with my partner Franck. Part of my family is here in Portugal, so Lisbon was a natural next step for the expansion of our educational aims”.

Children from all educational systems are welcome from the age of 2, and registrations are now open for a September 2021 intake.