President expects lockdown to not last longer than 1 month

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The President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, said today he expects that the current lockdown will not exceed one month.

"We hope it will not exceed a month, but we will see, we hope not," Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa told reporters, during a campaign action as a candidate for the January 24 presidential elections in Lisbon.

Asked if he believes that the lockdown will only last a month, he replied: "I hope it will only be a month. If we manage to - it depends a lot on all of us - in these fifteen days, and then on the renewal, when it is done, already at the end of the month, we get close to Carnival and have common sense, if that happens, and if it works, if we reverse the trend ".

The candidate supported by PSD and CDS-PP, who gave statements to journalists for more than half an hour, after having visited a social grocery store in the parish of Santo António, in Lisbon, reiterated that he would like "by the end of February" to have a "turning point" in the evolution of covid-19 in Portugal, with a "trend of falling cases".

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Let the Prime Minister follow Switzerland and give everyone in Portugal a referendum on Covid19 alongide the election ballot. There must be no censorship about the truth about the unreliable covid19 tests which have been established by the Court in Lisbon alongside peer reviewed papers by eminent scientists and doctors from around the world who disagree with the WHO and Government consensus which is used to justify the lockdows and a rushed untested gene editing vaccine. Let us also compare deaths from previous years and evaluate the harm caused by lockdowns and delaying health care to the sick as a result of diverting resources and extensive amount of monies to the covid world

By Ms from Other on 16-01-2021 10:50

to the President: there will be a huge drop in "cases" when you stop the testing with the faulty pcr test kit stop testing altogether. do these people have symptoms? i'll bet not. why are you testing healthy people? real sick people do not need a test.. its obvious they are sick. President: stand up to the agents for the CDC and the WHO who are telling you to do this. you will become redundant as soon as the Great Reset (which you are facilitating) goes ahead. and all governments are sidelined.

By paul milsom from Alentejo on 16-01-2021 02:14

His word is just a worthless as his promise last year that Portugal wouldn't have another lockdown. The price society will pay for these lies is many times bigger than the 0.02% of the (mostly elderly) population they're trying to "save". When will the lives and future of businesses, families, and general health be more important than the few people that will die WITH covid?
This is unforgivable. Protect the people at risk (just lock them up), let the rest of society try to get their lives back.

Btw, on average 250-300 people a day die in Portugal. I never heard anyone complain about that? Bunch of hypocrites...

By Fred Doe from Algarve on 15-01-2021 05:31
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