Lockdown fines raised to up to €20,000

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Failure to comply with the measures defined in the current state of emergency, due to the pandemic, will now incur fines ranging from €200 to €1,000 for individuals and from €2,000 to €20,000 for companies.

According to the decree-law, published in Diário da República, for this period of state of emergency, decreed until the end of the month, the fines for non-compliance with government measures have been doubled.

The article on the special criterion for measuring the fine reads that “during the state of emergency, the minimum and maximum values ??of the fines provided (...) are doubled”.

Among the measures liable for fines, in case of non-compliance, is the mandatory use of masks in commercial establishments and services, in public buildings, in educational, teaching and day-care establishments, and in public passenger transport.

It is also mandatory to be physically distant in places open to the public and to comply with the schedules defined for the operation of commercial establishments or the provision of services.

The violation of the rules for the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages, the holding of celebrations and other events that imply a gathering of people in excess of the number defined by the Government, the over-capacity of the capacity for land, river and sea transport, are other situations liable to monetary sanction.

The changes to the sanctioning regime also include the obligation to telework, “regardless of the employment relationship, the type or the nature of the legal relationship, whenever the functions in question allow it”, becoming a very serious offense.

The refusal to carry out the SARS-CoV-2 infection screening test, before entering Portuguese territory, will carry a fine ranging from 300 to 800 euros. The enforcement of measures is the responsibility of the GNR, PSP, Maritime Police, ASAE and Municipal Police and, in the case of teleworking, the Authority for Working Conditions.

The Prime Minister, António Costa, justified this tightening of the sanctions with the need to “signal to everyone that individual responsibility must be combined with collective solidarity” and so that “there is a clear sign that it is essential to make an increased effort to contain the pandemic”

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Yet another one on the list of insults to humanity.
Enough is Enough with their fearmongering
We need to wake up !

By Luis Camoes from Porto on 16-01-2021 12:20

could somebody currently engaged in needlessly destroying the economy, please justify these draconian actions with the medical science to back it up. peer reviewed published papers by independant virologists that have used Koch's postulate to 'isolate,cleanse and characterise this so called "virus" ? and current research shows that viruses (exosomes) are NOT contagious
So this lockdown is NOT about health. otherwise, why would you lockdown perfectly healthy people. this procedure makes less sense as the days go by.

By paul milsom from Alentejo on 16-01-2021 01:48
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