The motion, released on 20 January, follows the publication of Decree-Law No. 102-B/2020 of 9 December, Article 50-A, on the prohibition of overnight stay and parking of motor caravans.

In the document, the municipality stresses that the high flow of motor caravans in recent years has led to "the increase of problems related to this activity".

"The parking of the campsite in inadequate places, such as cliffs, dunes or riverside areas, where there is a lack of essential support structures", for the dumping of solid waste or waste water and the supply of drinking water or energy, are some of the problems identified by the executive.

In the same motion, which was adopted unanimously, the local authority also points out that "it has called for the urgent need to improve the legislative structure for the growing reality of motor caravaning".

In this sense, it proposes "the improvement of signs, of the form and means of supervision and establishing the obligation to stay overnight in places legally defined as motor caravan facilities, i.e. campsites and motor caravan service areas".

In this way, it will be possible to boost "tourist activity" and promote "the protection and safeguarding of the environment".

For those elected, with the publication of the decree-law, "a decisive step has been taken in the improvement of the tourist offer and in the safeguard of the environmental values, in particular, in the Natural Park of the Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina".

However, they "encourage additional measures to be taken, namely by simplifying the licensing procedures for Motorhome Service Areas and strengthening the means of supervision".