Portugal bans UK flights

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The Prime Minister announced last night that, as of Saturday, there will be a total ban on flights between Portugal and the United Kingdom, with the exception of those that are of a humanitarian nature to repatriate Portuguese and British citizens.

António Costa announced this measure after having participated by videoconference in an informal meeting of European Union leaders aimed at coordinating measures to combat covid-19 among the 27 Member States.

"The Government has decided to completely stop flights to the United Kingdom and from the United Kingdom to Portugal as of Saturday, in order to reduce the risk of contagion based on the new variant" of the coronavirus, said the executive's leader Portuguese.

António Costa said that, as of Saturday, "only flights with a humanitarian nature will be carried out to ensure the repatriation of Portuguese who wish to return to Portugal, or of British citizens who wish to return to the United Kingdom".

According to the prime minister, during this informal meeting of leaders of the European Union, there was, globally, "a manifestation of great concern regarding the development of the pandemic, namely with regard to the growth driven by the new British variant, especially in countries that have closer relations with the United Kingdom, as is the case in Portugal".

In terms of borders, António Costa considered that the "most important" decision taken at the informal meeting was precisely related to the end of flights to the United Kingdom, or from the United Kingdom to Portugal.

At the informal summit of heads of state and government of the European Union, the prime minister stressed that it was decided to "keep the borders open" between the different member states.

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Here's another joke: in the metropolitan New York area both governors are touting that more facilities are now open and available to administer vaccines. One problem though there aren't enough vaccines to go around, New York will run out by the end of the week. Its one joke after another.

By Tony B from USA on 25-01-2021 06:47

Well G wood, I hope you didn't expect any logic in the whole decision making process. The EU has failed and now tries to cover it up behind wild actionism.

By John Dough from Lisbon on 23-01-2021 04:29

This is nothing to do with covid 19, but just another way for Brussels to get back at the U.K.
Our country is being run by a bunch of corrupticians!

By Anna from Madeira on 23-01-2021 12:07

What a dreadful decision. Covid rates in Portugal are on par with the U.K. in terms of cases and deaths per 100,000. I’ve been waiting for months already to get back to our home in Portugal

By David S from UK on 22-01-2021 04:28

Coffee Today, No Coffee Tomorrow...School Today, No School Tomorrow, Flight's from UK Today, No Flight's From UK Tomorrow...Not Like It's Rocket Science...But Hey, It's O.K. To Kick A Ball Into A Goal, La Liga...Priorities To The Nation...

By Sakamoto Saurez from Lisbon on 22-01-2021 12:33

Bans flight from U.K. but not from Brazil ?
U.K. gives more vaccinations in 1 day than Portugal
Have done in total.

By G wood from Algarve on 22-01-2021 11:28
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