It was on a causal Sunday evening (it could have been a Monday, Tuesday or any other day of the week as well) and while getting lost on the nowadays probably most famous “Stay home” – activity which is browsing through the now more expensive Netflix library, the idea of a quirky article hit in like the COVID- vaccines in 2020.

We would therefore like to welcome you to our own fictive Netflix Series, “Gibson Group- how to achieve a sublime lifestyle”. In the following five episodes, you will get to know everything about our company`s approach, how we work and most importantly, how we make the impossible possible. Right, you probably heard of it before, a thousand times, and maybe you already know about all the sophisticated Real Estate Shows that shoot from the ground like mushrooms. Let us tell you: We are more than that. More than “Selling Sunsets” or “A Million Dollar beach house”. When we talk about our location, we have more to offer than many Agencies based on the Algarve that promise a luxury lifestyle. We consider us as an “All in 1 company” with extraordinary dedication for a sublime lifestyle. But what is the secret behind our concept?

The secret is our unique approach of our company, founded 23 years ago, made for today.

We´re not only selling houses, we seek to provide a complete first-class service in regard to real estate. Our Gibson Group Serie commands a cast of finest high skilled professionals. Starting with our own high-performance service team, including our own architect, our own real estate agents and our own maintenance team, we make everything possible that your heart desires. From the tiniest to the most special request, there is no way too far for us.

Do you seek the company of a four-legged friend while having a beach stroll or watching your favorite Netflix Show? Here we are, we will be the first one calling the animal shelter today and make sure you´ll never spend an evening alone on your sofa.

You might have your grandchildren visiting you over the summer and want to make sure they´ll going to have the best time, how about a Boccia Lane in your Garden so you can have that ultimate family fun? We make it possible. With the participation of every single one of us, working hand in hand as one company, we offer the quality we like to receive, because in a sublime “world” we are demanding.

To be continued…

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