This goal was taken up by António Costa at a press conference at the end of a summit of European leaders, which took place by videoconference, after being confronted with the vaccination targets in the European Commission's plan.

"The European Commission's proposals are in line with our own vaccination plan and the weekly doses that Portugal receives derive from the contracts defined by the European Commission itself. Therefore, the targets are set taking into account the doses and the rhythm of their distribution", he began by stating.

In this context, according to the Prime Minister, "if there is not a hitch in the process of distributing the vaccines, which are contracted and scheduled, Portugal will reach the end of the summer with conditions to have 70 percent of the population duly immunised".

However, António Costa wanted to highlight the following warning: "There are several conditions that do not depend on us," he said, giving as examples changes in Pfizer factories or the recent car accident on the A2 motorway.

In relation to the national vaccination plan, the Prime Minister said that, to date, a total of 202,150 vaccines had been administered and reiterated that Portugal "continues to be prepared to ensure that vaccination is carried out at the planned pace, namely with vaccination of all users and employees of homes - an operation that is expected to be concluded by the end of next week.