Costa warns of more tough weeks ahead

By TPN/Lusa, in News · 28-01-2021 17:24:00 · 1 Comments

The Prime Minister has warned that "moments of tension" caused by the pandemic will last a few more weeks and added that he would not have relaxed measures at Christmas if the impact of the English variant had already been known.

Regarding the evolution of the epidemiological situation in Portugal, the leader of the executive said that "a moment should be reached when the number of new cases per day will stop rising, losing strength in the daily variation".

"But only after that will we start to lower the number of people who need to be admitted to hospital. And only after that will we start to lower the number of deaths per day. So there's no point in feeding the illusion that we're not facing the worst moment. We will continue to face the worst moment even in the coming weeks", warned the Prime Minister.

Former PSD leader José Pacheco Pereira criticised the erratic nature of the government's measures to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, and António Costa was even asked what he would have done differently had he known what he knows today about the disease.

"Looking now, if we had known in good time of the existence of the English variant [of the new coronavirus], surely the picture of the measures that were defined for Christmas would have been different. Surely the restrictions that came into force at the beginning of January would have come into force probably as early as 26 December", he said.

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One word.Incompetant.
He should have listened to the warnings from medical experts.Instead he ignored their advice and look where we are now

By James from Algarve on 28-01-2021 05:26
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