Having a swimming pool and being able to enjoy it whenever you like is a pleasure, but it is essential to have the devices and keep the water and the pool in perfect condition, even during the colder days.

Pool covers cannot be considered a superfluous accessory, as they are an essential part of a pool system, they help preserve water quality and can have important advantages in terms of safety, financial, ecology and aesthetics.

Safety - The pleasure of peace of mind

Casa Verde provides you and your family, especially if you have small children or pets, safety and peace of mind. These covers resist up to 100 kg in the middle – reducing the risk of accidental drowning.

Sustainability - Demonstrable advantages

Installing a slatted cover reduces water loss from evaporation by up to 65%*, on average you will save 30,000 liters/per year for a pool 50m3. This translates directly to a decrease of filter washes as well as the use of chemical products.

Save money - Pool cover + heating pump = pool all year around

Reduce the energy costs of heating your pool water, since the pool cover retains heat. This also allows you to better maintain the pool water temperature at night and even during colder winter days, allowing you to swim comfortably.

A solar heat pump and a pool cover represent the perfect combination to extend the usability of your swimming pool, all year around, especially in winters like we have in the Algarve.

It’s possible to reduce the running costs of your pool, even more, by adding a photovoltaic system. This add-on will allow your pump to run with energy provided by the sun, making it even more green friendly.

Easy - It’s automatic

Automatic covers are easily opened and closed thanks to their in-built motorised roller, the turning of a key is all that is needed to get it working. Casa Verde can offer you different solutions, whether with submerged or above-ground covers, especially adapted to your swimming pool. Manufactured with rigid slats and available in various colours, the design and composition enable the cover to float over the whole water surface.

They are effective as a thermal insulator and have been developed in compliance with the French standard NF P 90-308, guaranteeing maximum safety for pool users.

You can create a more self-reliant, user and environment friendly pool with Casa Verde’s help!

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