Euthanasia law approved

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The Portuguese Parliament has approved the decriminalisation of medically assisted death, with the votes from a large part of the PS, BE, PAN, PEV, Liberal Initiative and 14 PSD deputies and votes against from the CDS, Chega and PCP.

In total, 136 deputies voted in favor, 78 against and four abstained.

While the vote has been praised by many, the Portuguese Episcopal Conference has expressed “sadness and indignation” at the approval in parliament of the decriminalisation of medically assisted death.

"The Portuguese bishops express their sadness and indignation at the parliamentary approval of the law authorising euthanasia and assisted suicide. This sadness and indignation are compounded by the fact that a form of death caused at the moment of the greatest aggravation of a deadly pandemic is legalised, in which we all want to strive to save as many lives as possible, by accepting restrictions on freedom and economic sacrifices”, the bishops said in a statement.

The bishops consider that "it is nonsense to legalise death caused in this context, refusing the lessons that the pandemic has given about the precious value of human life, which the community in general and in particular the health professionals try to save in a superhuman way" and they stress that the approved law may still be subject to constitutionality inspection, "for offending the principle of inviolability of human life" in the fundamental Law.

“The answer to illness and suffering should be, rather, the protection of life, especially when it is most fragile by all means and, namely, access to palliative care, of which the majority of the Portuguese population is still deprived”, they say.

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Let's be clear, when covid 19 strikes, most of the victims want to survive it. That is natural. When people die from this pandemic because of a failure in logistics, or because their bodies cannot stand up to this disease, this is lamentable.
The law on assisted suicide will allow people WHO NO LONGER WISH TO LIVE to go with some dignity. The Church is wrong to attach the issue to the current pandemic.
This is about people who believe they have no future quality of life, who are of sound mind and able to make the decision. It is very sad to see people do this but we are a democracy and a mature civilisation.
Life is a precious gift, but a man has a right to return a gift when he no longer wants it.
Let them go and end their suffering.

By Christopher Hart from Algarve on 01-02-2021 09:46

There is no sadness or indignation in euthanasia being discriminalised regardless of the epidemic! If you understand the descriptive required to legally assist death you will begin to understand that it IS NECESSARY to people suffering from any TERMINAL illness. Let me clearly make a point, until you have a full understanding in terminally, debilitating and life destroying illness you cannot or should not comment. EUTHANASIA IS A NECESSITY FOR A PERSONAL, DIGNIFIED AND AUTHORISED CLOSE TO A PERSONS LIFE and has no comparison to any epidemic in this world!

By Marie from Other on 31-01-2021 11:19

I really hope this is Portugal's year.
Some Bishops may not be happy , but this is a massive step forward for Peoples' rights - some of us would like the choice.

Thank you Portugal for renewing my faith in you and the Future.

By Stephen Walker from Alentejo on 30-01-2021 07:29
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