The restriction of circulation between the 278 counties on the mainland was defined by the Government as a way to minimise the risks of the new coronavirus.

Among the exceptions to this general rule is the permission to travel in cases of need to travel for work reasons (confirmed by the employer), health reasons and compliance with parental responsibilities, for example.

In addition to this restriction of movement between municipalities, mandatory lockdown, the prohibition of sales or deliveries in any establishment of non-food sector, the prohibition of sale or delivery of any drink, even in establishments authorised to take -away 'and the ban on staying in public leisure spaces (which can, however, be frequented).

Mandatory confinement at home provides for authorised trips to purchase essential goods and services, performance of professional activities and physical and sports activities outdoors, in the area of ??residence and for a short duration.

All goods and services establishments open to the public must close until 8:00 pm on week days and at 1:00 pm on weekends and holidays, except the supermarkets, which can operate on weekends up until 5:00 pm.

The last renewal of the state of emergency took effect from 00:00 on 31 January and extends until 11:59 pm on 14 February.

In general, remote working is mandatory, whenever the functions in question allow it, without the need for agreement, and its non-compliance is a very serious offence.