Tougher measures brought in as Portugal cases continue to rise

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Digital certificates will now be needed for restaurants in certain areas, Lisbon will be locked down once again this weekend and curfews will remain in place as the number of Covid cases in Portugal continues to surge.

Sixteen of the 18 municipalities in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area are among the 33 municipalities at very high risk of Covid-19.

Alcochete, Almada, Amadora, Barreiro, Cascais, Lisbon, Loures, Mafra, Moita, Montijo, Odivelas, Oeiras, Seixal, Sesimbra, Sintra and Vila Franca de Xira are among the municipalities with very high risk of contagion, while Setúbal and Palmela are on the list of municipalities at high risk.

Last week, of the 18 municipalities that make up the AML, 13 (Almada, Amadora, Barreiro, Cascais, Lisbon, Loures, Mafra, Moita, Odivelas, Oeiras, Seixal, Sesimbra and Sintra) were at very high risk and five (Alcochete, Montijo, Setúbal, Palmela and Vila Franca de Xira) at high risk.

As for the Porto Metropolitan Area (AMP), comprising 17 municipalities, last week only Porto was on the high risk list.

A week later, Porto sees new lockdown measures being put in place as it becomes a very high risk area along with Santo Tirso.

As for the remaining municipalities in the AMP, three are now at high risk: Matosinhos, Trofa and Vila Nova de Gaia.

In the Algarve, of the 16 municipalities that make up the region, more than half (9) continue to be at high or very high risk, similarly to last week, but with some moving to the highest risk level.

With the update of the risk map, two Algarve municipalities are at high risk, which are Lagoa and Portimão, which were in this situation last week, and seven are at very high risk, with Albufeira, Loulé and Olhão remaining in the category but Faro, Lagos, São Brás de Alportel and Silves now join also.

Compared to last week, the remaining seven municipalities in the Algarve, namely Alcoutim, Aljezur, Castro Marim, Monchique, Tavira, Vila do Bispo and Vila Real de Santo António, continue to be outside the high or very high risk levels, but the most are on alert, with the exception of Alcoutim and Aljezur.

As for the 18 district capitals in mainland Portugal, three are at very high risk, which are Faro, Lisbon and Porto; five are at high risk, namely Aveiro, Braga, Santarém, Setúbal and Viseu; and two are on alert, namely Coimbra and Leiria.

The remaining eight district capitals – Beja, Bragança, Castelo Branco, Évora, Guarda, Portalegre, Viana do Castelo and Vila Real – are outside the covid-19 incidence risk map.

The very high risk level is applied to municipalities that register, for the second consecutive assessment, an incidence rate of Covid-19 higher than 240 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days (or higher than 480 if they are municipalities with low population density) , while the high risk applies to those who register, for the second consecutive evaluation, an incidence rate above 120 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days (or above 240 if they are municipalities with low population density).

With no impact on easing of lockdown measures, the alert situation is for the municipalities that register, for the first time, an incidence rate above 120 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days (or above 240 if they are municipalities with low population density).

What are the rules?

Among the measures aimed at high and very high risk municipalities is the application of a curfew and the restriction of circulation on public roads, daily, between 23:00 and 05:00.

In addition to this mandatory curfew, the Government has also decided that in the 60 municipalities at high and very high risk, for access to restaurants for indoor dining services, a digital certificate of vaccination or negative test for Covid-19 is now required, a measure that applies on Fridays from 7pm and all day on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

“This rule comes into effect at 3:30 pm on Saturday, July 10th,” according to government information.

Across the mainland, the requirement of a digital certificate or negative test is also required for access to tourist establishments and local accommodation.

With the update of the risk map, the 233 of the 278 municipalities in mainland Portugal that were in the phase with less restrictions last week, in force since June 10, have now been reduced to 218, following the increase from 45 to 60 of the number of municipalities with the highest risk of incidence.

Among the rules for the 33 very high risk councils are: mandatory teleworking when functions allow; permission to operate restaurants, cafes and patisseries until 22:30 (inside with a maximum of four people per group and on terraces with a maximum of six people per group); cultural shows until 22:30; gyms without group classes; weddings and baptisms with 25% of the capacity; operation of retail trade for food until 9:00 pm on weekdays and until 7:00 pm on weekends and holidays, and non-food retail trade until 9:00 pm on weekdays and until 3:30 pm on weekends and holidays.

The rules applicable to the 27 high-risk councils are mandatory telework when activities allow; possibility of opening restaurants, cafes and patisseries until 22:30 (inside with a maximum of six people per group and on a terrace with 10 people per group); cultural shows until 22:30; and possibility of operation of the food and non-food retail trade until 21:00.

Information about all of the restrictions and measures is available here:

In the current phase of the easing of lockdown plan, which entered into force on June 10 and which now applies to 218 of the 278 municipalities in mainland Portugal, teleworking is recommended in activities that allow it, commerce can work with the respective licensing schedule. , restaurants, cafes and patisseries can be open until midnight for admission of customers and 01:00 for closing (maximum of six people inside or 10 people on terraces), and cultural facilities can be open until 01:00 (access being excluded, for entrance purposes, from 00:00), with concert halls limited to a capacity of 50%.

Other rules that apply in this new stage are that public transport can circulate with a capacity of two-thirds or with the entire capacity if they have only seating positions (taxis and transport vehicles in uncharacterized vehicles from electronic platforms - TVDE - with capacity limited to the rear seats), the capacity for weddings and baptisms continues to be limited to 50% of the space, and sports can now have a public in the case of amateur sports, with marked seats and restricted capacity to 33% of the space.

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Short term locking people up damages profits but long term it's better to have a compliant customer base and one which doesn't resist. So destruction of all social cohesion is important, why the elites are against borders and ethnic solidarity, which they falsely smear as racism. This is part of gaslighting which is a technique to make European people accepting of world Government which will be very bad for them.

My opinion is that this pandemic is a trial run for something worse in future. They want to test the means of control and bullying so they can do it again if necessary.

The death rate from covid is tiny and doesn't justify this by itself. We didn't have lockdowns with other viruses in the past. I think cancel culture, BLM and mass immigration are also another long term threat and much more worrying because they are an attempt to erase our culture and history and transform society in a way that was tried by pol pot in Cambodia.

Hong Kong Flu in 1968 and Spanish flu in 1917 we survived without threats to civil liberties.

By Magnus from Other on 12-07-2021 10:23

Felix, about the UK governmennif they suddenly says that cash money should be removed in the UK, private ownership for the working class should be removed, it is introduced a ban on traveling outside their own city with reference to corona virus omega plus which is 90 percent more contagious, it is introduced that 3 masks must be used at same time and every month 2 syringes with vaccine must be accepted otherwise you do not get the citizen salary that paid to the debit card. All of this things is not impossible, look at what is happening right now in Canada, Australia, UK, Portugal, Germany even little Denmark has started with medical apartheid. It is not at all any conspiracy theories, it is facts, open your eyes and sit down and think about have any other season flu, illness, bacteria or health condition the past 2000 years resulted with social distancing laws, mask laws, curfews at night and in weekends sometimes even 7 days a week, travel bans domestic and international, have any other vaccine in the past had this huge scale brainwashing campaign to make people take the jabs?

All of these things are introduced in steps to make people not noticing them and make it appear normal, also the strategy here is to easy restrictions but same moment introduce new things to restrict for example access to restaurants.

Think also have any government until 2021 for previous vaccines said you need vaccine or test up the nose to be allowed to eat inside a restaurant?

By Magnus from Other on 12-07-2021 08:23

Dear Ada, Ana and others here, please stop and think sensibly for a moment about your conspiracy theories of governments and corporations denying us our freedoms. For what purpose? Your reasoning is fundamentally illogical. Governments and corporations have one common aim, which is is maximise profits by economic growth, which in turn depends entirely on people going out and spending as much as possible on consumer goods. So the idea that they would like to control us by locking us up at home and restricting our movements is patent nonsense. They already have many ways of 'controlling' us through propaganda and advertising, encouraging us to be good consumers. The last thing they want is for us to stay at home!

By Felix from UK on 11-07-2021 10:07

If only everyone cared about their freedom as much as they cared about football!

By SS from Algarve on 10-07-2021 04:44

No wonder Portugal happens to be so behind, it’s just another tail that follows whilst the head (Italy) and the body (Spain) have already awoken from their slumber.
The tail called the Portuguese just follows the wagging tail of the dog in front of it called Brussels. Just like it’s prime minister called Costa.

By Paul from Other on 10-07-2021 02:13

Went in to town yesterday, Portalegre, to do the shopping .
Supermarket car parks full.
People chatting and eating outside the local cafes.
My Portuguese is terrible but I had a good laugh with some locals and finished in the launderette.
The bus' bring people from Lisbon every day.
Delivery cars and trucks come everyday.
Spain is 15 minutes away.

Just a report.
Everything is beautiful in Portalegre.

By Love Steve from Alentejo on 10-07-2021 07:45

Breaking News! The scamdemic in Portugal is officially over! “Lisbon court rules only 0.9% of ‘verified cases’ died of COVID, numbering 152, not 17,000 claimed.” Please spread the word and demand that your elected leaders end all lockdown measures. All of the PCR testing of “cases” claimed is fraudulent pseudoscience. 152 dead is NOT a pandemic!!!

By Eric from USA on 10-07-2021 12:14

. . . Rhetorical question, the answer is obvious.

A dog lives its life on a 3 m leash. Make that leash 10 cm and the dog fights for its freedom. Or reduce that leash by 10 cm every fortnight and a little after a year the dog lives its life on a 10 cm leash and knows no difference.

The dog has been conditioned.

You are the dog.

By Wesley McQueen-Oliver from Lisbon on 09-07-2021 09:55

Hello, I am traveling from the US to your lovely country July 20-27. I fly into Lisbon on July 20 and then will take the train to Porto for 2 nights, Saturday July 24-26. I am fully vaccinated and will have to show a negative covid test before being allowed into your country. Can someone clarify a couple things for me: Will I be able to leave Lisbon by train on a Saturday to go to Porto without having to take another covid test? Are restaurants closed at 3:30 pm Saturday - Sunday in both Lisbon and Porto? If so, any recommendations on how to eat good Portuguese food if not able to go to a restaurant? Grocery store, I suppose, before it closes?Finally, will I be able to visit the historical sights such as Belem Tower, Discoveries Monument, Lisbon Cathedral, and Clerics tower in Porto, and other sites? Thank you very much for any information you can provide.

By CHRIS MARHULA from USA on 09-07-2021 09:48

So if the vaccines do not provide protection against infection and neither against the spreading, can somebody please explain why the hell we need a vaccine passport?

By Wesley McQueen-Oliver from Lisbon on 09-07-2021 09:36

The vulnerable, older and "at risk" are protected. Where have you been? How many died last summer from "Covid" compared to this year? Are you looking at the same stats, I'm looking at? Thousands of Portuguese elders are deathly afraid to go to see a doctor or enter a hospital. They're missing check-ups and surgeries. You know why? All the Portuguese TV stations are outdoing each other in the propaganda and panic broadcast? How is this population ever supposed to come to grips with a "normal" life again? ENOUGH!

By Paula from Algarve on 09-07-2021 07:40

"Who falls asleep in a democracy will wake up in a dictatorship."
— Otto Gritschneder,

By Hans from Other on 09-07-2021 07:27

Can I get a vaccination if I’m not a resident and stranded here if so where

By Ant shelton from Algarve on 09-07-2021 07:26

After reading the comments I can tell a lot of people are very brainwashed, why are Portugal still trapped inside this madness, not even Spain or Italy impose same draconian make no sense measures.

What a joke this is, some of the places with classification very high risk is small villages and towns, Cascais, Barreiro and Setubal, I hear no reports coming from this locations by my friends of any nasty china flu terrorising the population.

Portugal is going to become the worlds first dictatorship based on flu viruses and vaccines.

By Magnus from Other on 09-07-2021 07:17

You have a moral responsibility to stop this madness. Destroy any scanners you see before it is too late. This will NEVER end unless the people rise up

By Latoysha Adams from USA on 09-07-2021 06:08

Ooo, ooo, I have a question....After you've provided us with your entertaining write ups to enjoy over our morning coffee, what do you do the rest of the day? Do you have families, do you have hobbies, etc? Or do you have to report to a grand puba that makes you work 8 hrs a day, or fill a daily quota of newspaper entries? Are you of the Portugal chapter, I mean this isn't happening just in Portugal, this pandemic, oops, sorry, I mean plandemic, is worldwide. I find it soooooo amazing that all the world leaders have put aside their differences to be unified in this! Political, economic, cultural, and religious ideologies cast aside. Truly unbelievable!

By William from Other on 09-07-2021 05:34

Do I need a pass to break bread in church o Sunday or is there something special about eating in a restaurant??

Need to know before Sunday please ...

By Luis from Algarve on 09-07-2021 05:23

Portugal has to protect it's citizens from death, by being tougher on tourists and foreigners, coming in from other countries. Portugal should have Hotels near all airports and the border with Spain to keep all the tourists and foreigners that are positive and infected with the covid 19, or the variants, under isolation for 14 days. And only allow into the Portuguese soil tourists and foreigners that are tested negative to the viruses, or that have been fully vaccinated. Portugal has to start screening everybody in order to keep the country safe from pandemics.

By Tony from Other on 09-07-2021 05:23

Greetings from North Portugal...Just spent two day's hiking the Camino to Valenca...Didn't see but 3 people on the way...Local Accommodations where happy for the Business...While in Valenca I noticed Spaniards, French, Germans, and etc...The Business owner's had a look of desperation about them...The
person that owned the place I stayed at said you're only staying 1 night...It's a complete joke what is happening...By the way I didn't have any trouble breathing walking up the mountain...G.T.F.O.H.

By Sakamoto Saurez from Other on 09-07-2021 04:55

Steve Andrews, you should also research and ask questions and also get your hands on the fiber PCR test sticks which is made from nano fibers now used up peoples noses, Mr Ole Dammegård and others are saying and it make sense that the PCR sticks are leaving something up the nose, that is why people bleed after these abusive tests. People THINK! why suddenly must a stick be used up peoples noses, we never had any such tests for any other illness not even corona virus versions like bird flu and svine flu.

When something is abnormal do not comply, do not accept medical tests and especially when you are not sick! I can tell what other use the same kind of sticks are used for they are used to DNA swab criminals and rapists, now everyone who take the PCR tests are for sure ending up in a WHO, UN and police worldwide DNA register.

By Magnus from Other on 09-07-2021 04:35

Lisbonites have poxed the whole country. Time for the Algarve to become an automous region !!!!!!

By Carlos from Algarve on 09-07-2021 03:28

I think you're a superstitious person. My eyes tell me that everything is ok. There's no pandemic or "exponential" growth of anything.
There are however ridiculous measures by governments, and a part of the public that's still believing the official story.

Turn off the "Pravda" and turn on your mind. Question everything. We're the punchline of a really sick and twisted joke.

By Paula from Algarve on 09-07-2021 03:00

First the president of Tanzania mysteriously dead and now the president of Haiti murdered .. 2 countries that have had no lockdowns or vaccinated their population and rejected this vaccine, nor have they had a pandemic .. Tanzania's president sent in pcr test on a papaya, goat and engine oil that came back positive ... probably just coincidences.

By Magnus from Other on 09-07-2021 02:33

I agree with all the people posting comments about how we should be asking questions. I have many and one that I got answered was about nanoparticles. I thought it was just some conspiracy theory nonsense that there are nanoparticles in the vaccines but I did some research and it turns out I was wrong. Here is a scientific website that explains how nanoparticles are, indeed, contained in some of the vaccines.

By Steve Andrews from Other on 09-07-2021 02:32

Of course your freedoms are restricted in a matter of public health. You want to live in a society with other people, you subject yourself to certain duties. It's not only rights and privileges.
Think of it as a health tax.

If you don't want to comply, at least respect other people's safety and right to not be infected, and go live in the woods.

Grow up and drop the conspiracy theories. Or in order to not believe some things, you end up believing ANYTHING.
I blame people like you for being the link in the chain of contagion that got mine and so many other peoples family member(s) DEAD.

Think about that for a second. Think about someone other than yourselves for a second. I'm sure you'd like others to think about you too, right? After all, that's what living in an organized society should entail. Right?

By João from Porto on 09-07-2021 02:01

James from Algarve, can you please show the readers proof of abnormal annual mortality in UK 2020 and 2021 compared with 2018 and 2019?

By Magnus from Other on 09-07-2021 01:59

South Africa during the apartheid regime used to have separate restaurants, shops, toilets and schools based upon race and skin colour, now in Portugal hear 2021 separate living conditions for vaccinated and not vaccinated people are imposed.

We can walk into any restaurant without proof of vaccination against yellow fever, TBC, Hepatit a and b, measles, and many other virus illnesses but not for this low mortality flu, can someone explain why?

What is next step by the new novo estado regime, is it a covid tatto on peoples arm or a patch like the star of david used by the nazis to mark out who is a jew but now it is to show who doesnt take the vaccine drugs.

People who still believe that this virus is out there and attack after 19:00 on fridays must be half witted...

By Magnus from Other on 09-07-2021 01:39

Portuguese politicians have created this mess. What a hopeless or perhaps sinister bunch they are. I hope people will push back against these measures.

By Philip from Other on 09-07-2021 11:35

The destruction of the middle class in full swing, caused by those whose salary is paid by the same people whose live hood is destroyed. All for a virus with a IFR of 0,15, average age of dying with the virus higher then the average life expectation and needing mass testing of aasymptomatic persons to keep the fear going. Stay scared comrades and don't forget; they will also come for you.

By Pedro from Lisbon on 09-07-2021 11:22

Todays news out of the UK.Read and learn.

"As of June 21, there had been 257 deaths in England of people who were confirmed as having the Delta variant and who died within 28 days of a positive test.Of this number, 26 were under the age of 50 and 231 were aged 50 or over.Of the 231 aged 50 or over, 71 were unvaccinated, one was within 21 days of a first dose of vaccine, 41 at least 21 days after one dose of vaccine and 116 had received both doses.Of the 26 under 50, three were at least 21 days after a first dose of vaccine, two had received both doses and 21 were unvaccinated."

If people are crazy enough to want to eat in a restaurant in the middle of a pandemic ,then they deserve whatever comes to them.

There are too many unknowns.
The Virus is growing exponentially in Portugal and other parts of the world
We will never be going back to the way things were before.

Open your eyes and not your mouths people!.

By James from Algarve on 09-07-2021 11:16

People should ask questions why are Sweden since day 1 of the so called pandemic open, free, no mask mandates, no travel restrictions, no curfews and look at the great state of Florida, Texas and Arizona.

Why are the virus attacking after 19:00 Friday to Sunday?

How many flu sick people have commentators personally seen or know about since march 2020?

Old people who died in 2020 died from old age and other illnesses, if they got season flu from wuhan then they died with the flu not from it.

By Magnus from Other on 09-07-2021 11:14

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is not about a virus , it has never been about a virus.
From the onset this is about taking away your liberties and freedoms.
From day one the plan was to eventually get us on our knees and cave in to the pressure that if we do not obey then we will suffer the consequences.
Consequences according to who ? Consequences according to those high up who throughout time act as if they have their best interest but instead have always treated us as nothing more than a herd of sheep.
One has got to ask , how on earth did we get to this in just over a year when for tens of years everything we have been in relative peace ?
The answer lies in the word “consent”
For too long we have given away our consent.
We have ‘disempowered’ ourselves from seeking answers to questions we should have asked.
Instead we allowed others to dictate our lives for us and to us.
Today we live the result of having given away our consent and our disempowerment.
One has got to take the bitter pill and understand we are no longer living in a democracy, period.
Today we are living in a dictatorship, an authoritarian state that Adolf Hitler would have been proud of and made Salazar look like a kid in a candy store.
Still want to give away consent and believe the narrative that a invisible killer is out there lurking hence you must walk into a restaurant with a mask then allowed to take it off to eat.
This is just one of the hundreds of questions you must ask.
Ask questions , ask plenty of questions before we are imprisoned and shackled in our own daily lives as supposed free citizens of the land.

By Ada S. from Lisbon on 09-07-2021 10:40

Yeah, right... life is to be lived and enjoyed. I thought Portugal was a great place to live. Time to escape the madness before the borders get sealed shut.

By Paula from Algarve on 09-07-2021 10:01

There's no law in place yet to justify this. What's next? Forced Chinese language lessons in order to adapt to a controlled society. Don't give up your freedom; every step is one too much!

By Ana from Algarve on 09-07-2021 10:01

"The second beast of Revelation 13 will cause 'all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name' (Revelation 13:16-17).

By Magnus from Other on 09-07-2021 09:53

So we have the double jab certificate but if we take our grandson to a restaurant with us who is under 18 and therefore hasn’t been vaccinated yet! Is he allowed in with us to eat?? All this stinks of panic actions with little thought to them!! Just like children up to the age of 18 travelling with fully vaccinated adults/parents, this had to be changed due to it not being thought through properly. Unfair to the restaurant owners and their customers, what is going on?????????

By Leach from Algarve on 09-07-2021 09:52
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