A report released by the company specialising in podcast analysis indicates that in just five years the number of podcasts produced has increased 17-fold and that the number of downloads has almost tripled in 2020, growing by 180 percent. The same publication reveals that about 30 percent of podcasts published in 2020 had only one or two episodes while about 23 percent (more than 200,000) currently have more than 10 episodes.

Hindi podcasts recorded the highest growth (up 14.1-fold compared to 2019), while those spoken in Portuguese increased 7.8-fold. Those who use English have increased by 1.9 times, a growth that is justified by the fact that they have already had a strong expression. In terms of topics, Chartable reports 133,107 podcasts on education, surpassing those dedicated to culture and society (121,556) and the arts (94,360). The same study said that by 2020, the 'Apple Podcast' platform lost market share and closed the year representing 38 percent of the devices used to listen to the programs, up from 43 percent at the beginning of the year. Conversely, Spotify increased from 20 percent in early 2020 to 26 percent of the market at the end of the year.