Ana Gomes doubts legality of Chega party

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Former presidential candidate Ana Gomes has asked the Attorney General's Office (PGR) to reconsider the legalisation of Chega as a political force and to investigate the source of its financing, claiming that this party violates the Fundamental Law.

This initiative by the former socialist MEP to review the legalisation of Chega as a party within the framework of the Portuguese political regime was first reported in Diário de Notícias (DN).

In a message she posted on her personal Twitter account, Ana Gomes says that several journalists are asking her for comments on her decision to formalise Chega's illegalisation request.

In the presidential elections of 24 January, the socialist Ana Gomes, supported by PAN and Livre, was in second place with 12.9 percent, corresponding to 541,555 votes, in an electoral act in which the current President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, won in the first round with 60.7 percent of the votes.

Ana Gomes, who in the presidential race came ahead of André Ventura from the Chega party, with one more percentage point, justifies her claim with the PGR, listing "more than 40 points with quotes and publications from various media".

"The Constitutional Court [TC] and the Public Prosecutor's Office [MP] cannot continue to exempt themselves from this responsibility", stresses the politician, requesting the PGR to "instruct the MP to initiate a process for reviewing the legality of the Chega Party by the TC and considering the eventual judicial extinction of that party".

Ana Gomes asks to investigate the origin of the financing of Chega party and its leaders, "the aggressions, threats and incitement to violence by its leaders and several militants against journalists and political activists".

The ex-presidential candidate then stressed that "it is up to the MP to request the extinction of political parties qualified as armed or military, militarised or paramilitary party, or as a racist organisation or that shares the fascist ideology".

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Why is it no one is ever just right wing but almost always seen as far-right when voicing a different opinion

By Luís from Lisbon on 21-02-2021 03:55

Here we go, so if you're a conservative its typical that you are labeled a racist, fascist, deplorable, from the left wing socialist lunatics.

By Tony B from USA on 08-02-2021 05:54

Disgraceful! Ana Gomes doing a "Putin" move by trying to eliminate the opponent. Why does she not ask the same thing for the Communist party?

By E.Medeiros from Lisbon on 08-02-2021 11:45
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