Thus, in the western group (Flores and Corvo), the sea agitation forecasts are maintained until 6pm local time (7pm in Lisbon), with yellow warning. Those two islands will be under yellow warning because of the wind until 6am on Friday. The IPMA also issued a yellow warning for Flores and Corvo due to forecasts of precipitation, sometimes heavy, between 6pm today and midnight on Friday.

For the central group (Terceira, Faial, Graciosa, Pico and São Jorge) the yellow warning is maintained until today at 12:00 on Friday because of the sea agitation. From 6pm today and until 9am on Friday it is still active for those five islands of the central group yellow warning due to the wind. Due to the rain, which may be heavy, the IPMA also placed the central group under yellow warning between midnight and 9am on Friday. In the eastern group (São Miguel and Santa Maria), the yellow warning in force referring to maritime unrest is no longer active at 6am today. The yellow warning is issued by the IPMA whenever there is a risk for certain activities depending on the weather situation.