Lagoa replace grass with artificial turf to save water

By TPN/Lusa, in Regional, Algarve · 17-02-2021 10:40:00 · 2 Comments

First installations of synthetic turf, in many of the public spaces in the Municipality of Lagoa are already visible. The total area scheduled to be replaced is 3725 m2.

The Lagoa Sol urbanization is the area with the largest area of grass to be replaced, that is, about 2600m2. The roundabout at the entrance to Lagoa and the adjacent flowerbeds, as well as the area next to the water services are two other points to benefit from these works.

The new grass will be applied gradually, as the need is identified and analyzed. The goal is to use synthetic turf in places where it is only decorative and leave the natural grass in places where are used by the populace. With these changes, the executive of the council intends to reduce unnecessary water consumption and reduce maintenance costs of these areas.

The mission of maintaining the public spaces a and reducing water consumption is being done by Lagoa council as an plan aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, namely with the 6th which proposes “to guarantee the availability and sustainable drinking water management”.

2021 is the second consecutive year in which the Municipality of Lagoa chooses sustainability as the inspiring theme of its political action. Measures such as the replacement of natural grass, which involves high water consumption, for synthetic turf “appear articulated with best resource management practices, particularly in a region where water scarcity is a growing concern”, said Lagoa Municipality.

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Absolutely asinine measure that represents another major environmental error! Instead of protecting living systems is asphixianting the soul system and the habitat of endless environmental systems of living creatures that unfortunately have voice and suffer once again the consequences of the human ignorance and mismanagement! That the authorities accept and condone such practices is abhorrent and unbelievable to any rational mind!M

By Tony Fernandes from Other on 04-04-2021 04:33

As far as I am concerned this is very sad news! There is already far too much of this artificial grass being used in many parts of the world today. It is terrible for wildlife, not that lawns with only grass were much good, and as a source of plastic pollution, artificial turf is yet another. We have far too much plastic being produced, and most of it eventually ends up in the environment somewhere. I feel so strongly about this that I wrote a song entitled Where Does All The Plastic Go? , and I also came up with an idea for Ocean Aid Concerts to raise awareness about threats to the oceans. A recent Ocean Aid Concert was staged online and is raising funds for Sea Shepherd:

By Steve Andrews from Other on 17-02-2021 11:24
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