Supermarkets may resume selling books and school materials

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The country's prime minister, António Costa, announced on 11 February that it will be allowed to sell books and school materials in supermarkets and hypermarkets that remain open, while prohibiting the sale of other non-essential goods.

António Costa explained that "the rule is to keep everything exactly as it is" and therefore the sale of non-essential goods such as clothes or books remains prohibited, with the exception of school books and materials.

"The only exception is the one resulting from the decree of the President of the Republic, which prohibited us from prohibiting the sale of books and school supplies in establishments that remain open, that is, supermarkets and hypermarkets," said the Prime Minister.

"This is the only exception because we have to respect the limitations imposed by the presidential decree," António Costa reinforced.

The President of the Republic said that "in view of the decree of the President of the Republic, the sale of books and school materials will be allowed in retail establishments that are already operating".

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Supermarkets are prohibited from selling "non essential" goods such as books and clothing. Can someone please explain to me how that is supposed to mitigate the spread of covid? What science is the government following? As if the retail stores aren't suffering enough lets throw them an anchor and see how they stay afloat.

By Tony B from USA on 12-02-2021 02:10
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