Movement between municipalities banned from 8pm today until 5am on Monday

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Movement between municipalities in mainland Portugal is once again banned between 8 pm today and 5 am on Monday, as part of measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The ban on driving between the 278 municipalities on the continent over the weekend has been applied successively since the New Year period, it has been an extended since 15 January, with the new general lockdown.

"It is forbidden to move outside the municipality of your home during the period between 8pm on Friday and 5am on Monday, without prejudice to the exceptions provided for", reads the Government regulation for the current emergency state. Before this new general lockdown , which came into force on 15 January, and since the New Year period, circulation between counties in the continent was prohibited between 11pm on Friday and 5am on Monday, "except for reasons of health, imperative urgency or other specifically foreseen".

According to the law that regulates the state of emergency decreed by the President of the Republic, there are a number of exceptions to the ban on movement between municipalities, including travel for the performance of professional functions (as attested by a statement issued by the employer or equivalent), by health reasons and to fulfill parental responsibilities. In addition to this restriction of movement between municipalities, mandatory lockdown remains in force, in which the main rule is to stay at home, the prohibition of sales or deliveries to the door at any establishment in the non-food business, the prohibition of sale or delivery to the door of any drink even in establishments authorised for take-away and the ban on staying in public leisure spaces (which can, however, be frequented).

Mandatory confinement at home provides for authorized trips to purchase essential goods and services, performance of professional activities and physical and sports activities outdoors, in the area of ??residence and of a short duration. All goods and services establishments open to the public must close at 8pm on weekdays and until 1pm on weekends and holidays, except the food retail, which can operate on weekends until 5pm.

On Thursday, at a press conference on the renewal of the state of emergency until 1 March, the Prime Minister, António Costa, assumed that the current level of lockdown will have to be maintained during the month of March, considering that this does not it is time to start “discussing total or partial misconceptions”, but to continue “with all determination” to do what has been done in recent weeks because the situation remains extremely serious. The current state of emergency, renewed for another 15 days, will extend until 11:59 pm on 1 March, applying the same lockdown rules.

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Europe has made many many mistakes over the centuries and the Covid scam is just the latest. The best thing about it, is that it shows no matter what the constitutions etc. say, that you have no rights. Your rights can evaporate at the whim of a politician.

The EU is europe's biggest mistake. when you give up power you are powerless. Now the EU ( a layer of overpaid crooks) owns portugal and you will do as they say, when they say to do it! Obey or we call for lockdown. Got it?

The EU is destroying Europe but all the "powerbrokers" are overweight and happy to control you and your worthless useless life.

The EU owns you. Sieg Heil!

By rod from USA on 20-02-2021 01:41

That will fool the virus! hahahhahahahahahahahaaha. Lying corrupt politicians and lying corrupt "healthcare" workers are just plain STUPID!

Can the virus tell time?

By rod from USA on 20-02-2021 01:32

Politicians own your butt. They will milk this scam for all they can. They want you to earn no money, lose your job and VOTE for them!!!!!

Politicians all over the world are maggots who know how to use these situations to their advantage. they make the rules. You lose.

next time you vote don't vote for morons like the ones you elected last time.

By rod from USA on 20-02-2021 01:23

Thanks to the moron in charge which ignored all the medical advice over Christmas,here we are jailed against our will.
Locked up with no rights,pushed to be vaccinated like guinea pigs.

I hope the voters remember this moment and send these morons packing asap.

This whole episode has been a total disgrace.
There they were last year telling everyone to come to Portugal as it was soooooo safe.
Patting themselves on their backs for being soooooo clever.
The reality is chaos, confusion,U turns and still opacity as to what is really going on and what the roadmap out if here looks like.

They say the true test of politicians is how they handle adversity.

I am also sickened when I see their delight in receiving further bail out from the EU.

Why? Because it simply means more of the same.

I rest my case

By James from Algarve on 12-02-2021 01:48
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