Inter Planetary what?

By Scott Kirk, in Tech · 15-02-2021 14:10:00 · 1 Comments

InterPlanetary File System(IPFS) is more than just a silly name. It’s the process of how you decentralise the storage and retrieval of all data on the web. To most users, how we store and retrieve data doesn’t matter as long as we can access our silly cat videos, news, etc, quickly. So why is IPFS so important?

Most browsers (Chrome, Safari, etc) support HTTP which is a centralised protocol. It generally means you get all of your information from a single source. If all of us watch the same YouTube video, we’re getting that video from a single source like YouTube. With IPFS it’s coming from different individual sources depending on which is closest to us. This isn’t so important for cat videos, but it is crucial for censorship. With a centralised system, Government and private organisations can easily block any content they deem inappropriate. For example, in 2017 the Turkish Government labeled Wikipedia a threat to national security and had it blocked. With a decentralised system designed for true freedom of information that wouldn’t be possible as the data is uneditable and stored throughout the system in different regions. This is a big win for proponents of the freedom of the press and free speech.

This is why the Brave Browser made such big waves when it switched to offering native IPFS support in their browser. Already a pioneer in user privacy, Brave is helping reshape how we use the entire web and most people won’t even notice.

Download Brave:

More info on IPFS:

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I wonder what type of changes that will bring in countries where free communication is not a common thing.

By Dayane from Algarve on 16-02-2021 09:14
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