GNR begin collecting wild camping fines

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The Republican National Guard (GNR) has reported the detection of 60 violations during the first month of the year in relation to new laws regarding motorhomes and wild camping.

The new environmental legislation which covers caravanning and camping outside of designated areas came into force on 9 January 2020.

Between 9 January and 9 February, the GNR issued fines resulting in a total of €3,540 being collected, with the vast majority of violations detected in the Faro district (55), three in Odemira (district of Beja) and two in Moita (district of Setúbal).

Those being issued fines were from several countries, namely Luxembourg, Germany, France, England, Poland, Spain, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Finland and also Portugal, according to the GNR.

"With the recent legislative change, the GNR is carrying out awareness and inspection actions in a progressive way, through an adaptation to the new regulations, in conjunction with the local authorities", stated the entity.

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Portugal should create more camping grounds, more trailer parks, and more (R. V.) motor homes parking areas. At a more affordable, lower prices. In order to attract more tourists. It would be good for the economy. Tourists spend money in food, gasoline, diesel, etc. and etc. Not all Tourists can afford to stay in Hotels. By Tony Magano. Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

By Tony Magano from Other on 27-02-2021 02:21

Portugal devia de criar e construir mais parks e campos de campismo, de trailers, e de motor homes(R.V.s) para atrair mais turistas. A um preço mais barato, mais economico. Portugal preçisa de turistas para ajudar na economia, eles ou elas, gastam dinheiro em Portugal. Em comida, na gasolina, etc. e etc. ANTONIO MAGANO. CANADA

By Antonio Magano from Other on 27-02-2021 08:38

Portugal should create more affordable trailer and motor home (R.V.) parks. And more camping parks for the tourists. Portugal devia de criar mais parks de campismo e de trailers, e de R.V.s( motor homes) a um preço mais barato para atrair mais touristas. Era bom para a economia. ANTONIO MAGANO, CANADA

By Antonio Magano from Other on 27-02-2021 08:11

As part of my wildlife conservation, I've been wild camping with my 4x4 since the 1970s from the UK to Nepal. The whole point of a motorhome is the freedom of travel and stop in wild unspoilt areas.
Admittedly there have been reports of excesses in the coastal areas with some antisocial behaviour in the Algarve.
I'm warning my friends and the camping-car clubs in France and the UK to consider boycotting Portugal that seems to be becoming more restrictive.
Perhaps the Portuguese tourist organisation may pressure the government to reconsider abolishing this law, and certainly not allowing excessive fines.

By David from Algarve on 26-02-2021 08:24

And with this discriminatory law Portugal destroys another branche of tourism in these already difficult economic times. It discriminates anf goes against human rights and the constitution.
And Portugal has closed many cheap or free motorhome parking this last year, without providing enough "legal" areas to spend the night.
I guess the government needs the money from the fines now more than ever....

By Fred Doe from Algarve on 26-02-2021 10:22
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