Despite many people being more comfortable buying online, there is still a general lack of information available. Although, by law, when purchasing remotely, it is mandatory to indicate all information related to labelling until the moment the purchase is finalised, failures to provide this are common according to DECO.

A study carried out in April by DECO saw 234 products from seven categories on nine websites analysed. In this survey it was found that only two thirds of the products had complete information regarding mandatory labelling, indicating what the law requires, that is, the brand, name, quantity, price per package, price per unit of measure, ingredients, declaration of nutritional value, such as conservation conditions and the name of the company that markets the product.

While this result may seem poor, it is however an improvement from the previous survey carried out in 2018. In this survey, just over half of the foods studied had the information required by law.

In view of the repeated disrespect for the law, DECO has communicated the results of this study to the Secretary of State for Commerce, Services and Consumer Protection, calling for political intervention so that the law will be followed. ASAE and Associação Portuguesa de Empresas de Distribuição, as well as each one of the brands included in the study, have also been informed of the restrictions, indicating the respective positioning in the DECO chart of the most and least compliant and of the compliant or non-compliant.

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