I have had 4 packages seized, 3 of which are from Healthspan, a company I have been dealing with for the past 17 years with no problems until now.

The 4th package is a gift from my family, an iPad that they bought, no longer need and sent out to me, tracked and insured so that I can replaced my nearly ten year old one that has to be plugged in constantly. CTT will not accept the invoice which my family sent to me detailing cost , VAT, origin etc. I have tried telephoning but can get no reply on their English line, tried the Portuguese one and the same thing happens, “We cannot accept your call at the moment”. Incidentally “tried” means all day Tuesday and so far Wednesday morning.

Their letter advising that they had the iPad took a week to arrive, leaving two weeks before goodness knows what will happen to it. Surely this is akin to theft. I have not bought the iPad, it is second hand.

I hope that this is not happening to other British residents.

J. A. Herrtage,
By email