Many right handed people are actually naturally left handed but have changed to write with their right hand when they were younger. So, you may be one of the left-handed that were forced to write with the right hand. “When kids look to their parents and go to school they will copy what the other ones do and if they see people write with the right hand they will follow it”, explains Dr. Jean- Philippe Marcoux D.C.

Dr. Jean- Philippe Marcoux D.C, who has spent many years studying human behaviour, had an interesting discovery regarding right and left handed people - they have different behaviours. Think about the choices of your car. What type of car are you driving? A small one, powerful one? And the clothes you’re wearing are they warmer or darker? This will say a lot about your profile.

“With the left-handed woman, we will often find them as Olympic champions, making action movies or television- they have the Amazonian way of fighting. On the other hand, we have the left handed man, they are sensitive, they are the man for family, they are really sensitive, they need to receive a lot of love - they need that to feed them”, said Dr. Jean- Philippe Marcoux D.C.

According to Dr. Jean- Philippe Marcoux D.C., the left-handed man has a higher level of sensitivity. “A lot of artists were left-handed, they are great artists in music, painting, and so on. For example, Beethoven was left- handed, as were Leonardo da Vinci and Mozart”, said the doctor.

On the other hand, according to this theory, left-handed women are more active, like to take control and don’t have time to worry about “female things”. on the contrary, left-handed men, are less active, like to receive and need a lot of love “and want more than one woman in their life, even when they are married they might still be thinking of other women”, said. But why is this?

The explanation is very scientific and has involved many years of research. According to Dr. Jean-Philippe Marcoux, left-handed women have been conceived by their parents or grandparents (ancestors in general) with a special intention – to be boys. It can happen for different reasons. For example: “the woman had a baby girl first, and next she wants to have a boy, and most of the time he will be a right handed boy, but if the woman has a girl, the baby will follow the pattern of the intention, she will act like a boy, so it means that she will become left-handed”.

The same happens with left-handed boys. Dr. Jean-Philippe told me that after the war, when thousands of men were sent to fight and never returned home, the women were the ones that survived most of the time. Therefore, at that time it was common for families to wish to have girls, as they would be more likely to survive in a world at war. This intention, located at a given historical moment passes easily from generation to generation. So if a girl is born in this context, she will be right-handed, otherwise, if a boy is born, he will be left-handed.

According to the doctor all men and women have a part in their unconscious of the opposite sex. Men have one “Anima”, the female part is unconscious, and women have one “Animus”, the male part is unconscious. In the case of left-handed men they have two “Animas”, instead of one like right-handed women. And left-handed women have two “Animus” instead one, like right-handed women.

“All males have an “Anima”, the feminine part inside a male is unconsciously male. Hopefully we have that, because it gives balance to women and to men. Women have a masculine part inside of them, we call “Animus” and in man they have got the feminine part “Anima”, said the doctor.

“The research that I’ve done is that left-handed woman have two Animus and Left-handed men have two Animas”, so they have the double of the opposite sex inside them. “When you start to observe behaviours between men and women, you observe that left-handed men and women have different behaviours. A left-handed woman has two “Animus” while right-handed women have only one “Animus”. What’s the meaning of that? It’s really important to understand. A Left-handed woman has the full potential to act like a man, she thinks like a man and she invisions life through a filter of a man. “She has a woman’s body but she thinks differently to other women”, he stated.

In relation to diseases, based on his experience, Dr. Jean-Philippe observes that it is more difficult to discover problems with left-handed people, because they always adapt so they don’t have many symptoms. They act with the two sides (masculine and feminine) of the brain at the same time, so if they have a problem, they will adapt in an unconscious way, which makes it harder to find out what is wrong.

However, when it comes to healing, it’s a bit different. According to the doctor: “The same disease in a Left-handed woman will heal faster, because they have two “Animus” (two masculine parts), they have no time do lose. Contrary to the left handed man, because they have two animas they are more sensitive”, they complain more, they are slower, they will take longer to heal.

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