In a statement, the municipality stresses that this exceptional regime does not exempt the practitioners “of the scrupulous fulfilment of the determinations of the DGS [Directorate-General of Health] and other legislation in force, as well as the Regulations of the Portuguese Surfing Federation”, emphasising that it is intended only for “individual” practitioners.

The municipality stresses that this decision follows the renewal of the state of emergency, announced on 25 February, and after having applied “a series of measures in different areas of intervention, following all the decisions of the Council of Ministers and ensuring that the measures are applied and supervised at the local level”.

“Nazaré has managed to sustainably lower the number of new cases of those infected by Covid-19. A situation, fortunately, very different from that verified only four weeks ago, in which difficult times were experienced with a high number of cases”, can also be read in the dispatch.

On 19 February, the Municipality of Oeiras, in Lisbon’s district, announced the same measure, stressing, however, that access to the promenade and beaches would remain off-limits for other activities.