Controversy over Madeira Covid-19 case reporting

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The President of the Regional Government of Madeira defended that the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) should stop publishing the numbers of Covid-19 for the autonomous regions, considering that the discrepancy in the data "takes away credibility" from the agencies.

“The numbers [of covid-19 cases] given by DGS do not correspond to those given in Madeira”, said Miguel Albuquerque, classifying the difference in the numbers of cases reported as “surreal”.

According to Miguel Albuquerque, Madeira, through the Secretary of Health, "has already suggested" to the Minister of Health that the "numbers of Madeira and the Azores - because it also happens with the Azores - no longer be given by the national DGS".

"It makes no sense because it takes away the credibility of the institution itself and the health organisations themselves”, said the official.

"I can't understand - maybe I'm not very smart - how they get to those numbers", he added.

The situation, he continued, "affects the image of Madeira", because it conveys the idea that "everything is upside down" in the region.

“And, later, it also affects the image of the DGS”, he reinforced, exemplifying that the region publishes “bulletins with 40 cases” and the national health authority puts 700.

"Therefore, it is either a maths problem or a lack of understanding on my part", he said, insisting that "no one can see how they [DGS] get to those numbers".

For the President of the Government of Madeira, "the best thing is not to put the numbers and it is resolved".

The Regional Directorate of Health of Madeira (DRS) has previously contradicted the numbers of cases of Covid-19 in the archipelago released by DGS.

In the statement released on 2 March, the regional health authority said that the figures released by DGS were not "in line with the daily count made in the Autonomous Region of Madeira".

In that day's report, DGS indicated that Madeira had registered 140 new cases and that the autonomous region had an accumulated total of 6,614 infections and 61 deaths due to Covid-19.

In its statement, the regional authority stressed that the "trusted" numbers are those reported daily by Regional Directorate of Health "in a clear, secure and transparent manner".

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Portugal's reporting of total Covid cases and deaths has always been highly suspicious. Madeira's concerns just bring this out into the open. Also in the background is why no news at all about 'results' in the 3,500 illegal Portuguese Care Homes?
Spain reporting many of their Care Homes were swiftly abandoned by staff with the dead residents found by the military still in the beds. Portugal telling us nothing for months then believable stories leaking out ... loved ones required to sign Non Disclosure Agreements to remove dead relatives for immediate disposal. Agreeing not to have the Care Home self certified non-Covid death re-examined by professionals.
Those medical professionals then lambasted by the PM Costa for 'not doing their job' in even entering the Care Homes. Doctors hitting back describing the 'squalor' that risked their own lives.
Now a more public squabble over totals - Madeira keen to get ahead in the race to reopen its tourism sector - come what may.

By Sybil Wright from USA on 15-03-2021 07:31
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