In a statement, the Ministry of Internal Administration (MAI) added that, as of 00:00 on 17 March, circulation between Portugal and Spain remains limited to the international transport of goods, cross-border workers and seasonal workers, documented, and emergency and rescue vehicles and emergency services.

MAI says that cross-border rail traffic remains suspended, except for goods transport, as well as river transport between Portugal and Spain.

"These limitations do not prevent the entry into Portugal of national citizens and holders of residence permits in Portugal, as well as the departure of citizens residing in other countries", explains the MAI.

In the note, the MAI also said that between 31 January and 12 March, a total of 494,430 citizens and 416,230 vehicles used the authorised crossings

Of this total of 494,430 citizens, 3,664 were prevented from travelling through authorised crossing points.

The refusals of circulation occurred in Valença (1,181), Castro Marim (720), Caia (671), Vila Verde da Raia (317), Vilar Formoso (253), Quintanilha (110), Vila Verde de Ficalho (107) , Monção (70), Marvão (59), Melgaço (41), Ponte da Barca (34), Miranda do Douro (32), Monfortinho (27), Barrancos (18), Montalegre (15), Mourão (eight), Vineyards (one).

At unauthorized crossing points, GNR forwarded 236 vehicles to the PPAs.

Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa said on Thursday that despite the pandemic levels in Portugal and Spain allowing the border to reopen, it will remain closed until Easter to avoid traditional displacement of people in between the two countries.