Portugal hopes to have AstraZeneca back on the menu

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Results of the analysis from European Medicines Agency are due tomorrow

The Portuguese presidency of the EU has expressed the hope that member states will once again be using the AstraZeneca vaccine in the very near future. Speaking on behalf of the presidency, Health Minister Marta Temido said EU states who suspended the use of the jab did so as a precautionary measure as they await results of an evaluation being conducted by the European Medicines Agency. Results of the analysis are due tomorrow.

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You Declan Donnelly could get familiarized with the publicly available official data my arguments are based on before labeling me misinformed.
To become aware of what is and is not scientific knowledge one should pay attention to the principles of science rather then what is publicized as the consensus.
You say many people who die with Covid are obese, I did not say many, I said most are obese or overweight and official statistics world wide agree.
Obese and other frail people do need protection and help to get to a better health. The issue that they will die from a flue or any other problem, is an issue of the frailness they have and not an issue with any particular flu.

More then 5 million of the obese do die every year, regardless of COVID-19 and that number was around 2.5 million 10 years ago. Obesity and many other problems that cause weakened resilience to disease are a growing problem. It is also false to think everyone who is overweight already has a seriously weakened immune system and is under a threat from a flu like this particular Covid flu.

Ask, are deaths really due to Covid, are the deaths adding to the numbers of mortally ill who die every year or are the numbers just being transferred from categories of other mortality causes.
The excess mortality that has been seen in selected countries, why is it? Is it the lock-downs and exceptional hospital organization, mistreatment of frail patients due to the Covid panic? Why is Covid not increasing world wide mortality?
That 15+ years of research always ended in fatal failure in 2 year animal studies. Haste to begin a large scale human population study of a novel experimental mRNA treatment that has not passed any standard form study phases, is immoral.

By K. Lehto from Other on 19-03-2021 09:06

Phase 3 testing to complete in 2023. Why be a guinea pig?

By cheryl smallwood from Other on 18-03-2021 11:52

Thank you for your comment K. Lehto. You make some good points. I share your concerns. The vaccine is I understand of a type never before used on people. And the clinical trials are I understand not yet completed. Is it really wise to vaccinate millions of people before the vaccine has been fully tested?

By Philip from Other on 18-03-2021 10:38

I am intrigued by the comments of K. Lehto. Much of what s/he says is ill-informed and displays a complete ignorance of scientific knowledge and processes, with the first 3 sentences of their comments being just simply wrong Whilst obesity is a significant factor in many who severely struggle and die of Covid there are also many who have died, and others who had to be cared for in intensive care, who were not in any way obese. It's all about how the immune system responds to the virus - in most it's find but in others there is an over-reaction where any weakness is exploited. What are we to do? Are we supposed to let the virus rip with no care for the elderly, the diabetic, the cancer sufferer, the CF sufferer, the unlucky, and, yes, the obese? There's a irony in his reference to the Nuremberg court, for the last time in continental Europe where such lines were drawn was in Nazi Germany!
The science behind the development of the vaccine is not, as Lehto suggests, new. The idea of giving a blueprint to the cells in order for them to manufacture a protein has been in development for at least 15 years, primarily for protein deficiency illness - all Covid has done is force the best brains in the industry to focus on the task and use the existing knowledge to deliver the blueprint for the Covid Spike protein to the cells. It's innovative and should be celebrated as another significant step in science. Everyone needs to pull together in a 'war-like' effort to defeat this pandemic, rather than standing as an on-looker, always whining and finding fault.

By Declan Donnelly from Algarve on 17-03-2021 05:51

What a silly action to with hold vaccination for unproven blood clots with a rate of 40 in 7,000,000 or 5 ppm when the virus kills at the rate of 1.5% or 15,000 ppm of 3000x high rate. This should be highlighted to understand who made these absolutely stupid decisions!

By John & Gael from Lisbon on 17-03-2021 03:09

All of the "vaccine" shots indeed seem to be rather equally dangerous. There is certainly more evidence of the dangers of the vaccines then of COVID-19 which does not seem to do much harm. Average age of death with the virus does not seem different then normal average age of death among the similar groups of people who tend to get that bad infection. To be precise: more then 5 million obese people die every year, being susceptible to dying because of health issues due to being overweight, and they aren't as old as the average age of COVID-19 deaths... and the majority, I repeat, majority of people who die with, not from, with COVID-19, are overweight or obese. (Obesity also causes lung, blood and vitamin-D deficiency issues also linked to COVID-19.)

However, the vaccine related deaths, that are always ruled not having to do anything with the vaccines, for some reason tend to take people out of this world relatively earlier then they would normally be going.

People should wake up and ask why that is before hoping for these "inoculations" to continue.

It is also always important to remember that a rushed medical product that has not finished testing in normal diligence is not a licensed medicine or a vaccine at all. It is an experimental product. There are no "inoculations" going on if there is no licensed vaccine. There is only human experiments that should be subject to laws regarding such experiments, one of which is that there should be no coercion or indeed no incentivizing towards taking part in an experiment. Vaccine passports do not seem to follow the human right legislation of the Nuremberg court in this regard.

By K. Lehto from Other on 17-03-2021 03:05

What a silly action to hold vaccinations; the blood clots (not proven to be due to the vaccine) are 40 in 17,000,000 or 2.5 ppm (parts per million) the virus kills at the rate of nearly 2% or 20,000 ppm i.e. a 1000x the effect of the unproven blood clots.
This should be highlighted in Europe (EU).

By John E Hughes from Lisbon on 17-03-2021 03:02

I have received my first dose of Astra Zenica vaccine (2 weeks ago)
And I want the 2nd dose. On time.

OK, I had some headache, raized heart rate and minor fever for one day.
Exactly as expected
It just shows that the vaccine worked and the body reacted OK.

Covid 19 is deadly.
So,of course I want vaccin

By Gustav from Algarve on 17-03-2021 02:35

Stupid politicians denying their citizens of a vaccine which is no more dangerous than the other available vaccines - these people should be hauled up in court over the additional deaths they are causing

By David A B Jenkins from Lisbon on 17-03-2021 01:02
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